Digital Bullet Journal – August Edition 2021

Hello everyone, I wonder if next year I will get these up on time :’) – I say next year because there is no point trying this year now haha. This is my August spread for my digital planner; i went with a yellow/sun flower theme. I did not bother with a gratitude tracker thisContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – August Edition 2021”

Digital Bullet Journal – July Edition 2021

Hello everyone, As always better late then never with this post. I have had the spreads done since June just didn’t have a chance to get it uploaded. My theme for July was travel/passport sort of thing. I used some images of old newspaper made them less opaque and then added some dry brush stokesContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – July Edition 2021”

Digital Bullet Journal – June Edition 2021

Hello everyone, I am back this month with my before pen spreads for my June digital bullet journal. GoodNotes has a new feature called elements which I really love and actually used a lot in these spreads for my washi tapes which I created myself in Procreate and then imported as stickers into the elementsContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – June Edition 2021”

Digital Bullet Journal – May Edition 2021

Hello Everyone, Is this classed as being up late as it is technically May :’) This month I went for a detective/ murder type theme. I loved this spread when I first did it however I barely used it, I think it is because there is so much going on but I do like theContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – May Edition 2021”

Digital Bullet Journal – April Edition 2021

Hello everyone, I am super late to post this but I didn’t want to miss posting a month as I am hoping to look back on these towards the end of the year. I wanted to have an Easter theme for April but when I did it, I absolutely hated it. It had far toContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – April Edition 2021”

Digital Bullet Journal – March Edition 2021

Hello everyone, I am only a little bit late for this blog post. Here is my March set up for my bullet journal. This month I have done a purple, grey and black space theme. I created the water colour background in ProCreate and added the dots in GoodNotes. This is my cover page andContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – March Edition 2021”

Digital Bullet Journal – February Edition 2021

Hello everyone, Well this is super super late but thought I would post it anyways… mainly just so there isn’t a gap in this series this early on and the theme I have doesn’t necessarily have to be for February. So far in the 9 weeks of the year we have had so far, IContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – February Edition 2021”

Digital Bullet Journal – January Edition 2021

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to another digital bullet journal post. This is for my January set up. I now follow so many bullet journal pages and some of the set ups are incredible! My set up is going to be slightly different from my 2020 set ups, which were basic and very samey – don’tContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – January Edition 2021”

My 2020 Favourites

Hello everyone, Not even going to lie, I am not prepared to write this – I can not believe that 2020 is over already (well almost over). HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! I feel like my life in 2020 was pretty much put on hold, I can’t believe what we have all had to goContinue reading “My 2020 Favourites”

Digital Bullet Journal – 2021 Set Up Edition

Hello everyone, For this post I will be showing you my digital bullet journal 2021 set up. Not going to lie I really love some of the pages I have created. I didn’t get a chance to do this last year as I bought my iPad in May and just started my journal in MayContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – 2021 Set Up Edition”

Digital Bullet Journal – November Edition

Hello everyone, Today I am showing you my November spread for my bullet journal. I hadn’t actually planned to do a November spread as I have been focusing so much on setting up my new 2021 digital journal. I thought I would do a simple spread for November so I could still plan/track things. IContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – November Edition”

Digital Bullet Journal – October Edition

Hello Everyone, I am so excited about this one! I had a bad month in September and started to do my September spreads and didn’t end up finishing it or even filling the bits in I had created -honestly lost all motivation – however I absolutely love October and anything design wise to do withContinue reading “Digital Bullet Journal – October Edition”