goodbye Ischgl…

So as I am currently writing this (9th March) the season is drawing to a close, we have 7 weeks left before the last guests leave us and this has me feeling mixed feelings, it makes me sad and relieved at the same time. At this point in the season I am ready to goContinue reading “goodbye Ischgl…”

Austria – Neustift 2019 Blog 1

Hello everyone, Look who remembered to actually blog before the end of the season! Today is my day off, usually I would like to be doing something however due to it raining heavily I have decided to stay in paint my nails and start my ‘Summer’ blog. I have been in Neustift for 15 daysContinue reading “Austria – Neustift 2019 Blog 1”

Austria – Ischgl 2019

Well… who failed miserably at blogging again… that’s right, that would be me! I had all good intentions of blogging regularly while spending the rest of the winter season in Ischgl, however there isn’t actually much to do here apart from skiing and I imagine seeing the same mountain pictures would get on people’s nervesContinue reading “Austria – Ischgl 2019”

Santa’s Lapland (Finland Adventure)

Well… I am now back from my Finland adventure! My plan to blog every week failed as I just didn’t realise how tired/busy I would be so I thought I would do one big post and try and blog weekly at my next adventure (Austria) as I am there longer and it isn’t as fullContinue reading “Santa’s Lapland (Finland Adventure)”

My Finland Adventure Begins

Well… It has been an eventful few days! In the past week I have packed and moved out of my flat (with the help of a few others), broken a veneer, thought I broke a knuckle, had one of my trains cancelled, went on the tube at rush hour on a Friday, got off atContinue reading “My Finland Adventure Begins”

Camping Holiday

Hi Everyone! As some of you may be aware, I have just returned from 6 days of camping at Park Foot in Pooley Bridge. Pooley Bridge is in the Lake District and it is a beautiful place! If you ever have the chance to go I suggest you do as the surrounding areas are alsoContinue reading “Camping Holiday”