Kiki London – Neon Pastel Collection*

*Affiliate Code – only use if you are happy to use an affiliate code Hello Everyone, I did share swatches of these back on my Instagram when these were released but thought I would also add them to the blog too. Kiki London released a Neon Pastel this summer and it is beautiful! I loveContinue reading “Kiki London – Neon Pastel Collection*”

Nailtart Gingham Nail Art*

*gifted products Hello Everyone, I feel like it has been forever since I have posted nail art content on my blog but I do want to start again and what a better way then starting with some Gingham print nail decals from NailTart. Jessie did very gladly gift these to me however I do spendContinue reading “Nailtart Gingham Nail Art*”

Kiki London Gel Polish – Spring Collection 2021

This post contains an affiliate code for discount Hello everyone, We have a new Spring collection from Kiki London and it smashes all there other collections out of the water! They are stunning, the formula for the type of gels they are is so workable and easy to use AND DID I MENTION THEY AREContinue reading “Kiki London Gel Polish – Spring Collection 2021”

My 2020 Favourites

Hello everyone, Not even going to lie, I am not prepared to write this – I can not believe that 2020 is over already (well almost over). HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! I feel like my life in 2020 was pretty much put on hold, I can’t believe what we have all had to goContinue reading “My 2020 Favourites”

Log Cosmetics – PR Haul part 2*

*Items in this post have been gifted to me for the purpose of swatching however all opinions are my own* Hello everyone, Today I have some more swatches from Log Cosmetics, they very kindly sent me some more polishes after my last review. This time they kindly let me pick the next four polishes, IContinue reading “Log Cosmetics – PR Haul part 2*”

Kiki London – Winter Collection 2020

Products were sent to me using commission earned – opinions are all my own Hello everyone, How are you all doing? As always, I am a little late in getting this up however I have swatches for the new winter collection by Kiki London. There are six shades in the collection and they are beautiful.Continue reading “Kiki London – Winter Collection 2020”

Log Cosmetics PR Haul*

*Items in this post have been gifted to me for the purpose of swatching however all opinions are my own* Log Cosmetics kindly reached out to me and offered to send me some of their polishes in exchange for swatching them and posting to instagram – they didn’t ask me to this post however sinceContinue reading “Log Cosmetics PR Haul*”

Kiki London – Autumn Collection 2020

Hello everyone, Who can believe that Summer is already over – where the hell did that go?! I am not that mad really, I much prefer the colder weather anyways and it means Autumn collections from nail brands. I absolutely love Autumn colours, all the dark browns, greens and reds. As the title suggests, todayContinue reading “Kiki London – Autumn Collection 2020”

Kiki London Summer Collection 2020

Hello Everyone, I finally have swatches of the Kiki London new Summer Collection. I say this about all the collections however I genuinely mean it, this is such a lovely collection so bright and tropical. Hopefully add a little brightness to my Summer, since it will more then likely all be spent inside. This collectionContinue reading “Kiki London Summer Collection 2020”

Madam Glam* SuperMom

*items have been sent as PR Hello Everyone! I recently have received some goodies from Madam Glam, these were very kindly gifted to me at the beginning of isolation however due to posting from USA they took a little longer to arrive but they have definitely kept me busy. During isolation it is important forContinue reading “Madam Glam* SuperMom”

Kiki London Spring Collection 2020

My Spring Kiki London collection has finally arrived! A little bit later than everyone else but it is here now so that is all that matters. There are 8 shades in this collection and they are all absolutely beautiful! I love them all and will definitely struggle to pick a favourite (although I am sureContinue reading “Kiki London Spring Collection 2020”

My 2019 favourites…

Well… I am super late to the game with this post but I have been super busy. But better late then never right…? I thought I would put together a list of my 2019 favourites, not all of these are going to beauty/nail related some of the things listed may be things that make myContinue reading “My 2019 favourites…”

LagunaMoon – The Whole Shebang Collection

Hello, Another blog post, woohoo! This time I have the Whole Shebang Collection from LagunaMoon. The collection contains 6 different gel polishes from different collections – this is a great way to try out different types of polish. This is how the collection is packaged, I love these boxes and do a few different ones,Continue reading “LagunaMoon – The Whole Shebang Collection”

Missu Flexi Tips Review

Hello everyone, So after using flexi tips a few times now, I thought it would be time to give everyone my thoughts and opinions. I purchased the items needed myself from Missu Beauty and I used a discount code from Sarah (@finger_candi) SARAH10 to make my order a little cheaper (who doesn’t love to saveContinue reading “Missu Flexi Tips Review”

Kiki London – Autumn Collection 2019

Hello Everyone, Better late then never… right?! I have swatches of the new(ish) Autumn collection from Kiki London the collection consists of six different gel polishes, they are priced at £34.99 for the full collection however you can buy individual polishes too, either way you can also use nailsbykt for money off your order. AsContinue reading “Kiki London – Autumn Collection 2019”

Rosalind Nail Polish Haul

Hello Everyone, I thought while I had a bit of time I would spend the evening (last night) swatching my recent haul, and today actually writing a blog post. This is my current view from my Summer accommodation; It is super hot so I am hiding indoors where possible! So recently on a few ‘Instragrammers’Continue reading “Rosalind Nail Polish Haul”

Kiki London Neon Vibes

Hello everyone,  I have more nail swatches for you! This time it is the Kiki London Neon Vibes collection. This consists of 6 different neon polishes which are perfect for summer! The collection is currently £31.49 (on sale) however you can get an extra 10% off using nailsbykt or individual colours are £5.29 (on sale)Continue reading “Kiki London Neon Vibes”

Kiki London – Spring Collection 2019

Today I am going to be talking about the new(ish) spring collection from Kiki London. I have had this collection (and had it swatched) since it was released however I just never got round to posting the pictures.  I am currently back in Austria but hoping in the summer I have more time to doContinue reading “Kiki London – Spring Collection 2019”

Nail Lacquer – Mini Haul

Hello everyone, Today I am going to be sharing with you a mini haul of polishes that I bought from a new indie brand – Nail Lacquer UK Boutique. Although, I would have bought the lot if I had the money. Ave also known as naillacqueruk on Instagram has start created and selling her ownContinue reading “Nail Lacquer – Mini Haul”

Kiki London – Thermal Collection

Hello Everyone, Today, I have the new Kiki London thermal collection to share with you all. Thermal polishes are definitely my favourite and Kiki London have just released EIGHT and they are stunning! The collection has a selection of colours and there is bound to be the perfect one for you. This collection is available nowContinue reading “Kiki London – Thermal Collection”

Vegan Beauty Cosmetics – Halloween Collection

Hello Everyone, Today on the blog I will be talking about Vegan Beauty Cosmetics Halloween Collection – which can be bought here. They are £3 for 5ml bottle and £5 for 10 ml bottle. In the collection they are three glitter polishes, three thermal polishes and one black polish. First up the glitter polishes, in theContinue reading “Vegan Beauty Cosmetics – Halloween Collection”

Laguna Moon – Dress to Impress*

Hello everyone, Today I have a review of Laguna Moon’s Dress to Impress collection, the collection has 6 pink gel polishes. They are all 8ml bottles and a various shades of pink. You can buy these here. (Item Code; B01KJPG4U0). The set costs £9.99 and you can also receive a further 30% using code VIP092803Continue reading “Laguna Moon – Dress to Impress*”

Kiki London – Autumn Collection

Hello everyone, Today I have the full new Autumn collection from Kiki London and I bloody love it. This full collection is just so ‘me’. I much prefer darker colours to the brights of the Summer, as always Kiki polishes are greatly pigmented and require just two thin coats. They are great formula, self levelContinue reading “Kiki London – Autumn Collection”

Kiki London Gel – Glitter Collection

I have another blog post! Woo. It is a review/swatch-a-thon for the Glitter Collection from Kiki London. This is a five piece collection, three of which are glitter toppers (can be made opaque enough to cover full nail) and two coloured polishes with glitter in them. I actually love every single one in the collectionContinue reading “Kiki London Gel – Glitter Collection”

Through the Looking Glass – Meebox Review

I have been subscribed to the Meebox emails for a while and there a few emails I have thought, ooh I would love that one but by the time I have ‘um’ed and ‘aw’ed about it they have sold out! So the second I got the email about the Through the Looking Glass (Alice inContinue reading “Through the Looking Glass – Meebox Review”

Galaxy like Glitter

Hello Everyone, Recently the lovely Effiena sent me two of her new nail varnish collections. One of them is called Galaxy like Glitter and consists of 4 beautiful glitter polishes. The other I can’t talk about yet but it is due to be released on the 14th August – I will have another blog postContinue reading “Galaxy like Glitter”