My 2020 Favourites

Hello everyone, Not even going to lie, I am not prepared to write this – I can not believe that 2020 is over already (well almost over). HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! I feel like my life in 2020 was pretty much put on hold, I can’t believe what we have all had to goContinue reading “My 2020 Favourites”

My 2019 favourites…

Well… I am super late to the game with this post but I have been super busy. But better late then never right…? I thought I would put together a list of my 2019 favourites, not all of these are going to beauty/nail related some of the things listed may be things that make myContinue reading “My 2019 favourites…”

My First Cut Crease – FAIL

Well.. at least I can say I tried! Although I would say this was a fail, it isn’t a fail in the sense of it looks horrendous, it just didn’t end up looking like a cut crease – it looks like I have some great blending skills. This is the palette I used, it isContinue reading “My First Cut Crease – FAIL”

Makeup Revolution – Reloaded Iconic Fever Review

You are going to be sick of hearing about my trip to Edinburgh! I can promise you this will be the last I mention it – I didn’t buy anything else while I was there. I am loving Makeup Revolution at the minute, they are such an affordable brand and are great quality. The SuperdrugContinue reading “Makeup Revolution – Reloaded Iconic Fever Review”

Skin Care Routine

I have never really had a skin care routine before. I always thought it would be too much hassle and wouldn’t really make a difference. However, as it is a new year and I am sick of my skin being awful and looking like a teenager with a ton of spots I have decided toContinue reading “Skin Care Routine”

Makeup Revolution – Life on the Dance Floor Review

One of the palettes I received at Christmas was the limited edition Life on the Dance Floor eye shadow palette. Make Up Revolution released three limited edition eye shadow palettes and this one out of the three is the only one that really appealed to me, I just liked the colours a lot more andContinue reading “Makeup Revolution – Life on the Dance Floor Review”

Make Up Revolution – Soph X Palette

Well… seems my first beauty blog post went down so well I have decided to do another one. This time I will be reviewing the palette Make Up Revolution made in collaboration with sophdoesnails (who now does make up). I knew I had to have this palette when Soph announced it – She was the firstContinue reading “Make Up Revolution – Soph X Palette”

Freedom Eye Shadow Palette Review

Every time I say that I have this blog thing down, I don’t and never post anything – oops! Today, I have something different, my first ever make up blog post. I did a poll on Instagram a few weeks ago to see what palette you wanted to see first but because I haven’t doneContinue reading “Freedom Eye Shadow Palette Review”