Nailtart Gingham Nail Art*

*gifted products

Hello Everyone,

I feel like it has been forever since I have posted nail art content on my blog but I do want to start again and what a better way then starting with some Gingham print nail decals from NailTart. Jessie did very gladly gift these to me however I do spend my own money on her decals because I do genuinely like using them. They are so easy to use, super flexible and thin but not too thin that they are difficult to work with.

This summer Jessie created a Gingham bundle of 8 colours free sheets, which means that the full sheet can be cut to whatever size you need rather then preset to a certain size which is great for someone like me who had tiny nails which means less wastage which I am all for. For my nail size I would probably get 2 full sets (all 10 nails) and then some spare for accent nails.

As mentioned above, there was 8 in the collection however I don’t have any red polish to test the red colour. But see below for all the other colours, I would recommend using lighter colours then the design for these to work well. It is hard to pick a favourite as I love them all but the orange ones *swoon*

Jessie very kindle gave me a discount for anyone who wants to shop at her store which is KTIE10, this is not an affiliate code.

What is your favourite out of the collection?

Thank you for reading,

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