Kiki London – Neon Pastel Collection*

*Affiliate Code – only use if you are happy to use an affiliate code

Hello Everyone,

I did share swatches of these back on my Instagram when these were released but thought I would also add them to the blog too.

Kiki London released a Neon Pastel this summer and it is beautiful! I love the shades they are perfect for Summer now we start to adventure outside a little more. The collection is 7 colours (I have only just realised I was only sent 6 so I am missing one).

For my gel polish, I only use Kiki London, I am sure you are sick of me banging on how good they are :’) For all the swatches it was three thin coats with base and top coat by Kiki as well

Peach Side;

Lime Light;

Holiday Blues;

Click Flick;

Purple Rain;

Glow Stick;

Looking at the release photos I am missing an orange called Coral Bay.

You can save yourself some £££’s using nailsbykt on the full Kiki website including sale items. They have also just released a new decal collection which I can not wait to try.

Thank you for reading,

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