Digital Bullet Journal – July Edition 2021

Hello everyone,

As always better late then never with this post. I have had the spreads done since June just didn’t have a chance to get it uploaded.

My theme for July was travel/passport sort of thing. I used some images of old newspaper made them less opaque and then added some dry brush stokes to make it look a bit battered/old. I used an old luggage tag for the title and a passport stamp from Italy.

This is my month spread, it looks like all my previous ones. I added my work schedule before I took the screen shot so that is included in this month. I made the background for the rest of this month more transparent so I can see everything a bit more easily as well as being able to right on it with any colour.

I still prefer a gratitude log to a mood tracker, I find it easier to be negative if I have a mood tracker where with this I have to think of least one good thing of the day. The blank space is for a quote however I still have thought/seen one I want to go here.

This is my social media brain dump, I spilt the pages in half so one side for Instagram and one for WordPress.

I then split each half down even more to help me stay organised. (Please ignore my handwriting, I just scribble things down on this page without thinking how my writing looks as no one usually sees this but just me) I put my ideas down for instagram or any collabs I will be apart of for that month. Things I did the month before that didn’t get posted I add on here so I don’t forget to post them as well as Reel ideas since that seems to be a way to grow your account – these ideas have been there for months I am a little worried about showing my face as well as I have an accent :’) I also write down my blog ideas; ones for that month or future ones as well as the usual end of year round up.

These are my weekly spreads, I have not used the 2nd week spread again since February. It takes a little while to add all the stickers and layer them on top of each other – in February I spent forever cropping the stickers so you could still the straight lines. I did not bother with that this time, I still think it looks okay as it is.

Have you started your August spreads yet?

I haven’t yet and I am not sure what to do, I have ideas for the rest of the months left apart from August and September. I usually like to look on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

Thank you for reading,

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