Finding You – Daphne Elliot


Disclaimer: Although this book was sent to me for free, I was not forced to right a good review; all opinions are my own.

A massive thanks to Daphne Elliot, for sending me an ARC copy of Finding You – the next book in the Havenport Series.

This book is about Declan and Astrid. Astrid was taking a break from the city after being suspended; pending an investigation at work, so was staying in Havenport for some chill time and Declan lives on the outskirts of the town with his adorable dog!

If you read the first book (if you haven’t, why not?!) you will know Declan is basically a moody sh*t, but he is super hot so gets away with most of the time. Astrid is one of my favourite characters, she is strong willed and doesn’t take any sh*t which is why these two are PERFECT for each other.

My favourite scene in the book is where Astrid takes a sledgehammer to some wooden pallets, I feel like everyone should do this at point in their lives – I bet it gets out a lot of frustrations.

This book was way more x rated then the first, but you could tell these two had explosive chemistry. I can not wait for Callum’s story. Declan at the minute is my favourite of the brothers however I think Callum will over take that.

This book available now so make sure you pick it up!

Thank you for reading,

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