Digital Bullet Journal – June Edition 2021

Hello everyone,

I am back this month with my before pen spreads for my June digital bullet journal.

GoodNotes has a new feature called elements which I really love and actually used a lot in these spreads for my washi tapes which I created myself in Procreate and then imported as stickers into the elements bit of GoodNotes .

I wanted to go for a camping type theme but while I was drawing in Procreate I didn’t like anything I did so I settled for a forest night sky type of theme instead which I actually quite like.

This is my title page for June. I am not 100% sold on the triangle, but I also think it looks strange because the other side is plain white. I might go back to it and add just the purple/pink background so it isn’t so contrasting.

This is my monthly spread, nothing has changed here at all. This month I must of made it slightly bigger then usually as I didn’t have space for monthly goals, however I am giving them a miss this month as I didn’t do 1 of my monthly goals for May in fact I put to pressure on myself to complete them I ended up doing less then I usually do without the goals.

I did some cute tree shapes for my mood tracker, it was weird not having one in May and I really like filing it in. My gratitude log is the same as always, I am glad I found one straight away that worked for me.

This is my social media brain dump, I spilt the pages into Instagram and WordPress then when I went in with pen I spilt the Instagram one into ideas, deadlines and reel ideas.

I have massively run out of weekly spread ideas so I am not just circling back ones I have used before and switching up the colours etc.

I can’t believe we are half way through the year now, it is madness how quick 2021 has gone. I have a 2021 flip through video planned. Have you managed to keep up with your journaling?

Thanks you for reading,

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