Fight like a Girl – Harley Reid (My first ever ARC)

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first review in my new book section of my website and I thought I would kick it off with my first ever advanced readers copy; Fight like a Girl which is a debut novel from Harley Reid who is an Indie author from the UK.

Before I get into the review, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Harley for sending me an ARC of her novel and accepting me into her street team. I am no way a bookstagramer but she welcomed me anyways and I definitely felt like part of the team.

The book is a 18+ stand alone contemporary romance novel. It falls into the Opposites attract trope. Now naively I just romance books were romance books and I have read quite a lot of them, they are super easy to read and I tend to read them between heavier series I read but each type of romance book is a called a trope.

Ethan and Mia are the main characters in this story and as I mentioned above are complete opposites, Ethan is a widowed MMA fighter and Mia is a sweet girl who is applying to be his child’s Nanny while he trains.

Both the characters are actually so likeable, usually in romances I tend to dislike one of the main characters right until they turn out not be a dick right at the end but Harley actually made Ethan into a really loveable character he was not a bad guy just for the sake of it, which could of easily be done considering he is an MMA fighter.

In stand alone romances I love a happy ending, I feel like in stand alone’s it makes sense for all of them to have happy ending otherwise you would spending forever guessing what happened next. And Mia and Ethan got there happy ending.

I don’t want to go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but would 100% recommend reading. It is currently on Kindle Unlimited and although I did receive the ARC free on my Kindle I did purchase the book when it was published for my book shelf.

I also CAN NOT wait for the next story that Harley is releasing!

If you have read the book, what are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading,

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