Digital Bullet Journal – May Edition 2021

Hello Everyone,

Is this classed as being up late as it is technically May :’) This month I went for a detective/ murder type theme.

I loved this spread when I first did it however I barely used it, I think it is because there is so much going on but I do like the look of it but it may be a little impractical as well as I only did 2 weekly spreads because they took me for ever to do and I was all out of ideas.

This is what the title page looks like;

This was my monthly spread, I didn’t use this page as much as I usually do just because it was difficult to see any of the text or writing due to the background.

This was my gratitude log, and I didn’t bother with a mood tracker this month. By the time I finished the rest of the spreads I was already into May.

This is the first month I got rid of my Instagram planner in exchange for a more brain dump style of spread, it is just plain page and I wrote deadlines on there for collaborations, what I want to create that month, any PR I have received as well as any overall ideas. I used it this month to help create a new section on my website and could plan everything I needed to do.

These are the two weekly spreads I created, I did also create a reel on Instagram of me creating the more simple look if you want to go and check that out. My Instagram is the same as here thedailyktie.

I think I may also do a 6 month flick through at the end of June of my full journal so far, including the photo, book and theme pages. I love watching flick through on YouTube, now I have 60 second reels that should be enough to do it. I still haven’t done any voice things on my Instagram but I am hoping by the end of 2021 I will have the bottle to do it.

Now we are almost half way through the year have you completed any of your 2021 resolutions or did they go out the window like mine?

Thank you for reading,

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