Digital Bullet Journal – March Edition 2021

Hello everyone,

I am only a little bit late for this blog post. Here is my March set up for my bullet journal. This month I have done a purple, grey and black space theme.

I created the water colour background in ProCreate and added the dots in GoodNotes.

This is my cover page and I love the purple of this theme.

I wish all months were like February, I like it when its symmetrical. I did doodles on this page in the gaps on the side and bottom of the calendar but later removed them as there was too much going on and hated it, I much prefer it like this and just added some ‘dots’ for stars.

I did my mood trackers before I deleted all the doodles on the previous page so kept it in a doodle style and used the pencil on ProCreate to draw all the different spacey doodles and then copied them into the planner.

I decided to try some black dotted page in this spread as I thought it would go well with the theme, it doesn’t so much on this page but I like how I used it on the weekly spreads.

I did two drawings in February so I swapped that page out for a bigger playlist spread as I know I can fill this one in and not end up with blank spaces.

I managed to do another 3 weekly spreads which I hadn’t done before then I ran out of ideas and had to start recycling spreads I had already done. Again, I did have doodles all of these where the empty space was but later end up deleting it and just kept the background. I love how the black grid paper looks on the spreads.

After 12 weeks, I have ran out of ideas of weekly spreads so have started using some of the ones I have already used before.

I love this spread, I have already started April’s and I think I might have to delete it and start again. I went a little over board with my Easter theme.

Do you already know what your themes are going to be in advance? I have mine planned for the full year bar one month

Thank you for reading,

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