Digital Bullet Journal – February Edition 2021

Hello everyone,

Well this is super super late but thought I would post it anyways… mainly just so there isn’t a gap in this series this early on and the theme I have doesn’t necessarily have to be for February.

So far in the 9 weeks of the year we have had so far, I have had a different weekly spread, which is something I am quite proud of. Last year I had the same theme every week which can be quite boring.

My theme for February was pink, red and white flowers. I am really enjoying the water coloured backgrounds, this is something I will probably keep during the year, I look a minimal white page spread but when it is my own, I can’t help but ruin it add to much so having a coloured background stops this from happening.

This is my cover page, I did the background myself in Procreate and the flower stickers used on this spread are from the Ooh La Llama sheet found from Paperhoard > click here for the free sheet. I only used the same 4/5 flower stickers but there are 4 full A4 sheets with different designs.

This is my monthly spread, I will always keep my month spread layout the same. This just makes it so much easier for me when planning, last year I spent so much time doing different shapes and designs and never went back to it once I had filled it in at the beginning of the month, I tend to use the weekly spreads more. I have added a notes and goals section to the monthly spreads so I can have monthly goals rather then weekly ones.

Next up is my gratitude log and instagram planner, again it is likely that these will always be the same every month for the year as they work so well as they are. I am trying my best to write at least one thing every day I am grateful for but as I write this now, February was a rarely filled in as it was a fairly shitty month. I like the planner as I can write in ideas and any deadlines for collabs etc.

Next up is my mood tracker, as it was February I went with hearts for the mood tracker. I tried my best to do some script writing, it isn’t perfect but it isn’t something I usually go for, with practice I am sure I am get better.

I have my February playlist page, songs that I am really enjoying going into February. I then decided as January’s had half a page blank to add a doodles section as I had plans to draw more in February.

Next up are my weekly spreads, February is such a satisfying month as it is a full 4 weeks and fits a planner perfectly. My other habit I changed from German to going outside. I was meant to be in Austria so wanted to learn more of the language but since my plans had changed I wanted to remind myself to go outside as I work from home.

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four

I really actually like this theme, the colours aren’t usually very me which is why I am surprised I even picked them but I like how it turned out anyways.

What was your February theme?

Thank you reading,

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