Digital Bullet Journal – January Edition 2021

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to another digital bullet journal post. This is for my January set up. I now follow so many bullet journal pages and some of the set ups are incredible!

My set up is going to be slightly different from my 2020 set ups, which were basic and very samey – don’t get me wrong this year they are still going to be basic but I want to try make them look a lot nicer and try make more of an effort with the weekly spreads so they aren’t all the same each week.

I have also changed this year so I have a cover page for each month, so this is my January one – for now it is super basic, just month name and some snowflakes. When I am feeling more creative I may come back add more or possible a quote for the right hand side I am just not sure at the minute.

On my monthly tabs, I have set it up so that when I am in or past that month it moves to the right hand side like it would if it was an open book.

After my title page, I have my monthly spread. It just makes sense to me to have that page as the very first one of the month as it is likely the one I will refer back to the most. I generally have a standard set up of a square calendar for this and have the first 4 days not the right and 3 on the left – all my months will be like this – I tried doing some other designs in 2020 but just found it isn’t worth the effort and don’t work as well for space. Also difference for this year is because I have title page I don’t need to put the month at the top of the page so will use that space for notes (or swap it so notes is at the bottom)

After my monthly spread, this month I have a mood tracker and my instagram planner – 2021 I want to get back to regular Instagram posts before I moved away in 2018 I had enough content to post 2/3 times a day and I did let it go when I was away. So I think having a planner will help, I will be posting different things too from now on, some journal things, nails, makeup, skiing an Austria etc. I have changed the Instagram planner slightly so the section at the bottom has a post category now.

I didn’t do daily gratitudes often in 2020, I opted for mental health checklist instead which I found myself being in more miserable as I was focusing on the bad things more, when I had the daily gratitude I would have to find something good or positive that happened so focusing on the good rather then the bad. As much as I don’t like happy, go for it quotes I needed something to fill this page and it does fit with my gratitude theme – so I may keep the quote bit for future months.

Something I did in 2020 for every month was making the weekly spread the same for each week – which can be boring. I don’t usually have a busy life but I wanted to keep my journal exciting so I have made each week different. I looked at a lot of ‘real life’ journals and took a lot of inspiration in terms of setting out weekly spreads.

I have added all my habits that I want to focus on, on each weekly spread. So I have cleanse, I want to cleanse twice daily (AM&PM), wear SPF everyday, I usually do but sometimes do forget but being outside most of the time in the winter in the mountains it is important to wear SPF. Nails is basically anything to do with nails, cuticle oil, file or paint them and since I have moved to Austria (as I write this it is a month away! Eek) I want to learn the language more… I can speak a sparse few sentences – you know the important ones that are food and drink related :’) so i want to log onto my app every day.

I have also used bill ‘stickers’ so I can add any reminders of what is due, when and how much. I have my flat to pay for January even though I am not there but this will be my last month so after that I won’t have that many bills to pay – or I do but they all come out in one lump

The above spread is the one I usually go for, for my weekly spreads I find it has the most space for each day and a space for notes but it can get repetitive and I really like how some of the other weeks look.

The stickers for my habits and bills are from a free set I got from Paper Hoard but everything else was hand drawn by me on procreate. The font is an extra font added to GoodNotes but using an app called iFont. The font in the habit and bill stickers is my own font based on my neatest handwriting – my handwriting changes a lot depending how tired and if I am in a rush so what I did was create my own so each time I ‘write’ in my journal it would look the same and more uniform.

I am so pleased how my first spread of 2021 came out! My favourite weekly spread is week number 2, what is yours?

What is your theme for January if you have a bullet journal?

Thank you for reading,

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