My 2020 Favourites

Hello everyone,

Not even going to lie, I am not prepared to write this – I can not believe that 2020 is over already (well almost over).

HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! I feel like my life in 2020 was pretty much put on hold, I can’t believe what we have all had to go through this year and it seems so strange back on NYE (pic below) that I had such high hopes of how the year would go and how amazing it would be and it turned out anything but. I lost not just one job, technically three jobs, I pretty much lost the place I call home and was flown back to the UK by the government – I lived on a settee for months as I couldn’t find anywhere to live, I had to get an call centre job (working from home), I hated my neighbours and I went to therapy for the first time to help get some order in my brain (not COVID related but COVID made it possible to be in the UK long enough to go see a therapist privately as the NHS list was so long)

What a negative way to start this blog, when it is meant to be about my favourite things of 2020 :’)

As always, what I will do is spilt it down into different categories and you can always just skip one if it doesn’t interest you.

Hair, Nails and Skin Care

First product that has been an absolute game changer is the tangle teaser wet brush, shamefully I don’t usually brush my hair because it is so thick and usually long and I can’t usually actually get a brush though it so I leave. I have naturally wavy hair so it isn’t to bad but I feel like even curly hair girls/boys should brush their hair. I saw this brush and I mainly bought it for the colour and I got a big tip at work so splashed out 15 euros for a new one and it is so good! The brush glides through my hair without ripping any out, which is always a bonus, best brush I have ever had.

Next up is a hair mask, last year I raved about the Mark Hill one, after it ran out I struggled to find anywhere that stocked it, this year I found a new one that I like more! It is the Garnier hair mask pots, they come in 5 different scents/treatments. This year I have used two different ones, the coconut one for dry and damaged hair and the papaya one for frizzy hair, all are vegan and cruelty free which in this day in age there is just no need for. These can be used as conditioner, leave in treatment or a hair mask. I hair mask once a week with them and use them as conditioner for the other times I wash my hair and put a small amount through the ends of my hair after it has been washed. I can’t wait to try the other masks out in the range!

I have tried a few new skin care bits this year, I suffer with shocking skin a lot of the time. My skin is so strange, it works with most products then after a while once it is used to them they stop working. I have adult acne which comes and goes but nothing I have tried as truly gotten rid of it, it always comes back once my skin is used to a product. This is happened all year with all my new skin care but there is still a product that I love and repurchase because it does work and smells amazing and it doesn’t come back as bad. My OH bought me some Liz Earle products for my birthday this year (at my request) and I love the hot cloth cleanser, the original is my favourite but I am currently using up the lavender one. It feels so good on the skin and cloths actually make a difference as well, I use it with the toner, face mask (once a week) and exfoliator (a few times a week) and it genuinely has made a big difference to my skin.

It terms of nail things, my new favourite nail tools are by Navy Pro Tools, I have Doris, Ethel and Martha. I also have their cuticle balm and dolly clothes. I had Doris first, that is usually what people recommend to get however I wish I had Ethel first that tool makes such a difference compared to the other tools I had. I love the cuticle balm, it smells lovely like aftershave and melts into the skin and soaks is so no slippy hands.

My favourite nail polishes/gel polishes will always be Kiki London, although I am a brand ambassador for them, I genuinely love the products and have bought them with my own money (most of the time). They have released so lush collections this year and I cant wait to see what 2021 brings for them!


First up in technology and this should come to no surprise to anyone, is my iPad Pro, it has been literally the best investment I have ever made and I love it. Works perfectly for everything I need it to, works so well with a mouse and keyboard it is just like having a notebook laptop. I can’t wait to start editing videos etc on it in the new year, hopefully it is a better experience then it was using my laptop (but i mean so actually enjoys editing). In this section, it also makes sense just to mention my Apple Pencil, keyboard and screen protector. That’s all I will say as I already have a full blog post about them all.

Again, just a quick shout out to some apps, Good Notes and Procreate. Again I have already spoke about them in a previous blog post but they are such great apps and well worth the money, I use both almost every day.

My final mention in technology is a game for my Nintendo Switch which is Stardew Valley. I managed to get for £10 on the App Store on my Switch and it is such a fun game, I am lead to believe it is a little like animal crossings but cheaper. You have to manage your own farm, and make friends with the village people and have side missions to do at the same time. It is a great little time filler.


I think Amazon Kindle Unlimited made it onto my 2019 favourites as well, but it is such great value for money, I pay £7.99 per month and Kindle Unlimited have 1000’s of books to choose from, I read so much and it just makes sense to have this subscription it saves me so much money. I think for 2021 I might note the price of the books I read and work out how much I save,,, I think it would be interesting to know.

Next up we have Gusto which is a food subscription box, I have gotten these since July and I get one every week. I get a box for 2 people for 4 days, back in July I was living alone so I would make the meals and then freeze the other potion for lunch or another day. The boxes are great and I have rarely had the same meals twice, unless I really wanted too. There is so many options and menu changes on a weekly basis and some menus are seasonal too. Literally can not go wrong with this, saves me a ton on money on a food shop, I actually eat fairly well and I don’t buy anything extra like I would if I had to go to the shop.

Other things…

These are things that didn’t really fit into any of the categories, but I absolutely love my Chilly Bottle, I got one while I was in Austria and they actually are amazing. They are a little price, but the customer service is amazing, my bottle when it came the wrap had smudged at the top so I contacted them and they replaced it and shipped for free and let me keep the faulty one. They actually keep your drinks super cold or super hot for ages. I think it is recommended for 8 hours hot and 10 cold however I have had tea in my for 12+ hours and it still be hot, that’s even in the mountains – a purchase I do to regret, I love the look of the series 2 bottles – I might have to pick one up.

I was going to have a section of my favourite Ski things but I wont be using them as often anymore now I am in the UK and not everyone skies either. But I hope to get skiing again soon – I love my skies they are beautiful!

What is your favourite item/thing /must have for 2020?

Thank you for reading,

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