Kiki London – Winter Collection 2020

Products were sent to me using commission earnedopinions are all my own

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing?

As always, I am a little late in getting this up however I have swatches for the new winter collection by Kiki London.

There are six shades in the collection and they are beautiful. To be honest, Kiki generally don’t me down on the colours of there polishes they are usually all lush. This collection due to be winter is a blue/black/grey collection which is am 100% fine with.

If you want to get your hands on the collection or any of the polishes use ‘nailsbykt’ at the checkout to save yourself some £££’s (this is an affiliate code – meaning I earn commission if it is used – so if you don’t want to use it that’s fine too)

All swatches are 3 thin layers and haven’t had any editing in terms of colour etc, only editing is turning the photo round, cropping it and adding my water mark.

In no particular, first up we have; Silver Shrine which is a gorgeous metallic silver, such a lush colour and I don’t have one like it. Super opaque and easy to work with. Perfect for Christmas, I think if I had some of those inky type polishes this would be perfect to use with those.

Next up in the collection is, Mystic Noir – my favourite sort of black polish always has little glitter particles in it or I will use a topper. This polish means I don’t have too and my nails will be done quicker! Again formula is great super easy to work with as the glitter isn’t chunky. *ps, this was swatched at a different time to the rest – that’s why my nails look different*

Next up is Charcoal Grey – I love Kiki greys they are super pigmented and easy to apply, don’t go streaky at all. This is a perfect in between to the two greys Kiki have released. *ps this was also swatched at a different time to the rest of collection*

Possibly one of my favourites from this collection is Purple Dusk, I love purple to start off with but this colour is beautiful! It’s almost like a grey-purple but very muted. Will definitely be an always go too for my cindy hand that always wear gel. Again, I thought this sort of colour would be streaky and hard to apply but actually it applied like a dream just like most of the Kiki polishes.

Stone Blue is next and just like Purple Dusk, it might be a favourite. I love these sort of muted colours, not quite pastel but not full on blue blue either (I realise that makes 0% sense but I know what I mean 😂) another one I will be reaching for again. I mean definitely could add some snowflakes on top for some easy nail art.

Last up we have Sapphire Sparkle, which is blue jelly base with blue and possible silver glitters in it. I apply polishes like this with one thin layer of the jelly base without as much glitter on the brush as possible then add the glitters on the next two layers. Just means I can get a more crisps cuticle line. But this polish is perfect for winter but isn’t boring!

Which is your favourite of the collection? Have you got your hands on them yet?

Thank you for reading,

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