Digital Bullet Journal – 2021 Set Up Edition

Hello everyone,

For this post I will be showing you my digital bullet journal 2021 set up. Not going to lie I really love some of the pages I have created. I didn’t get a chance to do this last year as I bought my iPad in May and just started my journal in May with no set up or other pages that weren’t monthly or weekly spreads.

With the cover, I wasn’t too bothered because this is only seen on the GoodNotes page but since I don’t close my journal it didn’t matter and is never seen apart from now – so I just picked a cover that was already in the GoodNotes app, added a white ‘sticker’ and wrote my name and the year it relates too.

I love flowers and plants so it was a no brainer that this is what I picked out of the preset options.

This is my first page, I had the 2021 title and I picked a quote that I saw in my therapist office which I quite liked. I am loving pastel tie dye at the moment so used ProCreate to try and make that sort of look for the ‘2021’ section of my journal. Each tab across has there own colour scheme and I plan on each page have a background colour so the page isn’t just white.

I always think it is handy to have a full year calendar somewhere easy to access, so if you hit the 2021 tab it will bring you to this page with the full year calendar. ATM it is hand written however I may upgrade it to a typed calendar so it looks more neat.

Next tab we have is a the ‘glance’ tab, this has the purple background and spans over two spreads (4 pages). This basically has each month in columns with the date going down the side and I can put birthdays and things to remember in this section – since I don’t usually do spreads that far in advance I can put it here. I am going to Austria at the end of 2020 so those pink square are all the extra bank holidays I can enjoy as they have way more then we do here in the UK.

Again, this is the second half of the year where I have considerably less birthdays to remember. BTW I have added more birthdays, this is just what I had done at the time of taking the screen shot (I forgot to take one before it was filled in)

Next tab we have is ‘theme’ so I wanted a space to plan what themes/colours etc I wanted to use for each month. So this is basically what this page is.

It has a space for each month, again as I took the screenshot it had my awful scribble on it but I plan on making them all a bit like January – it will have the coloured background and then the font that I use that month an maybe just some stickers etc.

This may be the tab I like the most (possibly.. I like my books one too) but this is the photos tab. So hopefully in 2021, we can get out and about a bit more and make some happier memories and this is a place I wanted to keep them (obvs. I’ll be posting to Instagram all the time anyways)

I was going to do just 1 photo per month but decided I wanted a little bit more so went with two and then spread it over 2 spreads so this is the first half of the year and then I have the second half on the next page.

My final tab is my books tab. I hit my reading goal of 2020 which was read 30 books this year, I read 37 and lockdown definitely helped me as I read 10 books in 10 days when I first went into lockdown in March in Austria.

I don’t have a target of how many books to read for 2021, I would like to beat 37 for 2020 however I also hope I don’t because that means COVID is still fucking shit up and stops me from being outside. I do want to read daily but hopefully not get obsessed with books and finish them in one go like I usually do. I will when I have finished a book add the title to the book shelf. I think I have drawn 52 books just in case I do end up reading a lot. I don’t want to run out of space.

I created the actual journal myself using KeyNotes and the tabs are clickable and will take you to that specific page. But if you don’t want or have the time to do that (as it takes forever!) you can buy them from Etsy – I recently bought my mam one for Christmas which has the same concept except there is so much more that is clickable and more pages etc – what ever works best for you.

I used; an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil (gen 2), GoodNotes5 App, Procreate and Key Note app.

What books do you have on your to read list? I need to try fill in that page. Do you have a journal, what are your must have set up pages?

If you have any questions, just ask away! My January set up will be up the 1st January 2021 (it feels so weird to type that and say it in my head – where as 2020 even gone!!)

Thank you for reading,

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