Digital Bullet Journal – November Edition

Hello everyone,

Today I am showing you my November spread for my bullet journal. I hadn’t actually planned to do a November spread as I have been focusing so much on setting up my new 2021 digital journal.

I thought I would do a simple spread for November so I could still plan/track things.

I used some sticker sheets from @paperhoard they were free on – I actually downloaded a few of the sticker sheets as they look lovely and super easy to use.

As I said, I kept it very simple this month. I have a mood tracker, I have kept my instagram planner from last month which I really enjoyed to use, a standard month spread and then weekly spreads.

On this mood tracker I added space at the bottom for any notes or a gratitude log. The Instagram planner is pretty empty at the moment as I had not put in the challenge prompts or any ideas of my own yet. I usually write them on the empty half of the page.

This is my weekly spread, I usually have the same spread for every week so just do it once and copy and paste the pages where they need to be. I love this kind of spread, it makes it easier to look at it and have enough room to write everything I need as well as the notes section in the top left corner. I added the bill stickers from the sticker pack just to keep track of them all and I usually just tick them when they are paid.

I think in 2021 I might make more of effort to have different weekly spreads, I have seen some lush spreads from people in Instagram and they do different ones every week so maybe I might give it a go and see what ones I actually like and will actually use.

I am so excited for it be 2021, not just because 2020 has been utter shite but I love my new planner already so much. I have edited my video on how to create a digital planner I just need to record the voice over. I will also be posting my new planner towards the end of 2020. I am trying my best not to start doing all the spreads as I actually like spending the time to do those each month. At the minute I am just setting up the first few pages and working out how I actually want it to look.

Do you do the same spread or a different spreads each week? Would you be interested in a flip through of my digital journal from this year?

Thank you for reading,

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