What is on my iPad Pro? 2020

Hello everyone again,

So I decided that I would do a blog post on what is on my iPad Pro? I read and watched so many videos on this before I decided to pick up my iPad and they were all super helpful so I thought I would do the same, if anyone is deciding what to get etc or if you are just being nosy and wanting to know 😂

So firstly, I will have a quick overview of the actual hardware that I have;
I have the iPad Pro 11 inch 2018 in Silver. ( I didn’t want Silver but that’s all Argos had and I was too impatient to wait any longer and it is always in a case so doesn’t actually matter) I also opted for the 2018 model as the newer 2020 model did not have that many changes, the only obvious one being the new camera on the back. The  2018 model with 256gb of storage was the same price as the 2020 model with only 128gb. So it made sense for me to go with the ‘older’ model with more storage. 

I have a 2nd gen Apple Pencil and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (non apple and they work perfectly) Click on the links to view them, both from Amazon.

I used a matte screen protector so that way it was more like paper when using the Apple Pencil for note taking and drawing, again I got this one from amazon.

Here are the links for my pencil case and iPad case that I put my iPad in when I am not using the keyboard case.

This is the home page of my iPad, I haven’t changed my screen saver as I actually like the preset one that was on it.  I like to try and have it as neat as possible so I normally have everything in folders. I usually also don’t have my recent applications on the dock either put it makes it a little easier while I am working from home.

So this is the folder of apps I can not delete and will not use again.

These are apps that I will use again but have no idea where to put these within my other folders so they are in the ‘.’ Folder. I rarely use pages as I use the GoodNotes app, I use numbers to keep an eye on my finances, I use NordVPN so when I am aboard I can watch British TV but at home I use it to swap between the Netflix’s as the Canadian one is so much better then the UK one.

I have started to use Zoom on a daily basis for work as I am now working from home with my new job and have twice daily zoom meetings.

This is my blog folder so everything I could need for my blog that I do not need on a daily basis, things I would use on a daily basis  will be on my dock. I use Planoly to plan my instagram feed so I can schedule posts in advance that way I don’t have to remember however since I deleted my Facebook they no longer automatically post but there is a reminder notification so I just have to press post now and it posts it for me. I use Pinterest to look for images and inspiration for my digital bullet journal. I have kept iMovie because I plan on filming again and uploading tutorials.

I don’t understand why I really have this folder as I don’t usually like to watch TV I do prefer to read a lot more so use the Kindle App. But again, I would usually use my kindle or my mobile as my iPad is too big read with. I like to have it just in case. Netflix and Disney+ are my usual go to if I am going to watch TV and the other apps are for catch up British TV.

This is my dock, so I use google chrome for my internet searches, in all honesty I have no idea why I kept safari I don’t use it. My Files, Email, Gallery, YouTube are all next and self explanatory. Next I have GoodNotes which I use on a daily basis for my digital bullet journal but I have also used it to take notes during my training for my job. The app is around £7.99 I think but definitely worth it. Next up, ProCreate which is £10.00 again, super worth it. I usually use it for creating stickers and spreads for my Digital BuJo but I have now started to create some original drawings and just trying to get used to all the different brushes.

Up next is my recent apps, so I have Remote Desktop I use this app to connect to my desktop at work so I can work from home. I am super excited and buzzing that I can use my iPad for this and it runs so well. I wasn’t sure it would work but with my keyboard and mouse it is basically like using a windows laptop/desktop.  Then I have settings and Zoom which is how I did my training for my job so I haven’t actually sent foot in the building yet.

I think in the future I may share my Procreate drawings with you. I just want to get better first :’)

What are your must have apps?!

Thank you for reading,

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