Digital Bullet Journal – October Edition

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited about this one! I had a bad month in September and started to do my September spreads and didn’t end up finishing it or even filling the bits in I had created -honestly lost all motivation – however I absolutely love October and anything design wise to do with Halloween (I actually hate scary films – I am a wuss) and was so ready for this months spread!

Firstly, it is October which means it has to be Halloween themed – end of, no discussions to be had.

I wanted to try more freehand drawing on this month rather then just using stickers, so I created some simple outline doddles on ProCreate and then made some coloured in versions as well. This is what I manage to create;

I love the pumpkins the most, I loved colouring them in and actually being able to shade them in etc. Definitely recommend Procreate to anyone who loves to doddle.

So, this month, I kept it fairly simple in terms on spreads. I had my Monthly and Weekly spreads as well as a Mood tracker spread. 1 extra spread which I haven’t used before is an Instagram planner/tracker, not to track stats or anything like that but so I can actually track what mani’s I am doing, when I am going to post them what are they for etc…

This is my monthly spread, not 100% sure I actually like it, I think it may have ‘too’ much going on but I spend forever drawing the background scene I had to use it regardless and just used some of the pumpkins to fill in the spare space.

This is my weekly spread, and I tend to keep the same weekly spread for the whole month as I like to keep the layout to be consistent. The only thing I did change is pictures at the bottom of each day the following week it would change to the days without them and then swap back a week later. I soon realised I drew a lot of images for my digital stickers that I wouldn’t end up using but I am okay with that as I enjoy drawing them anyways. I generally keep more day to day info on this spread, so when I am at work, any appointments and any to do lists. The ‘post it’ note on the top left I generally use for any blog ideas or anything that is note relevant to a particular day.

This is my mood tracker and instagram ideas / trackers spreads. I love the idea for the mood tracker, I had planned on using all the different images that I had drawn however on GoodNotes5 you can not highlight over the top of an image so I would of had to manually draw them into the notes themselves which wouldn’t of looked too good. But I love the bubbles on this one and super easy to actually colour in.

For the instagram tracker I did a small monthly calendar and then wrote down on the bottoms prompts for a challenge I was going to take part in as well as a space for my own ideas. I love the layout of this as it is easier to see what dates I will be posting and can move things around to make them fit. I then just ticked off in red the nails I had already created.

Have you gone with a Halloween theme in your bullet journal? Let me know.

Thank you for reading,

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