Kiki London – Autumn Collection 2020

Hello everyone,

Who can believe that Summer is already over – where the hell did that go?!

I am not that mad really, I much prefer the colder weather anyways and it means Autumn collections from nail brands. I absolutely love Autumn colours, all the dark browns, greens and reds.

As the title suggests, today I will be reviewing the Autumn Collection from Kiki London, I purchased this collection at a discounted price using commission I earned.

It is a gorgeous collection of 8 perfect autumnal shades.

I love the formula of Kiki London Polishes (you can read that on all my reviews I have wrote about them) so I will not go on about it again, but Kiki London is solely the only Gel Polish brand I use (excluding a few shades from a brand I have to use for my Nail Tech course).

All shades are three thin coats and a non wipe top coat also from Kiki London

First up we have; Black Cherry.

Up next, Date Night.

Next is, Nude Delight.

Next up, Ivy Forest.

Next, Caramel Swirl.

Next is Hazel Night.

Next, Deep Rouge.

Last up is Vintage White.

This is a stunning collection, (I always say it) but one of my favourites!

Use my discount code to save yourself some £££’s – I do earn a small commission if this is used.

What is your favourite from the collection? Mine is either Ivy Forest or Hazel Night, I can see myself wearing either of them all the time.

Thank you for reading,

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