Digital Bullet Journal – August Edition

Hello Everyone,

It is now the beginning of August which means one thing…. a new bullet journal spread, personally I am absolutely buzzing 🐝(… you see what I did there) about this one, I love it!

I have been searching and pinning everything on Pinterest for inspiration and came across quite a few bee themes and I just knew I had to do it, my other themes have been simple and clean looking I thought this time I would try and spice it up a bit & I am so glad I did.

This is what my monthly spread looks like (however, it has slightly changed, I drew orange yellow and black lines between the honeycomb to help identify weeks as I struggled to see just looking at it) I usually add my work schedule to this as soon as I get it, my payday, my gusto delivery dates and any plans with friends. This one is inspired by an image I found on Pinterest by

This month I decided to do a full page for my mood tracker rather then just adding it to my weekly spread, basically I wanted to colour bigger things in πŸ™ˆ I might try and make it more of an elaborate picture next time. I decided I wanted to do a Polaroid of the month, obviously, it won’t be an actual Polaroid but hoping I take some nice photos to add here.

This is my weekly spread, I know a lot of people like to do different styles of weekly spread for each week however I am a lazy shit and I just do one and copy the page for however many weeks there is πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I always like to have that little calendar just so I can easily look at the dates, I am not 100% on this page, I feel like there is a lot of wasted space but it does go with my theme. I added the little notepad so I can write any notes or blog ideas etc. I also wish I had done Saturday and Sunday the other way round.

Some new spreads this month, I saw Chloe (@tippedoffnails) draws down her nail ideas and I thought that was such a good idea as I have loads of ideas but they never go down well on my nails, at least now I will know how they look before I go through all that effort. I need to start reading again, I have not read in so longgggggg so I have added half a page dedicated to books I want to read and will read in the hope I get my act together and start reading again.

I decided to keep the mental health tracker because I just like to see how the month goes and all the coloured dots.

What spreads do you have your bullet journal?

Thank you for reading,

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