Kiki London Summer Collection 2020

Hello Everyone,

I finally have swatches of the Kiki London new Summer Collection. I say this about all the collections however I genuinely mean it, this is such a lovely collection so bright and tropical. Hopefully add a little brightness to my Summer, since it will more then likely all be spent inside.

This collection is now available on the Kiki London website and you can save yourself some £££’s using my discount code nailsbykt (this does earn me some commission)

I literally couldn’t be happier that Kiki have released some more orange shades, I love orange but fine not many brands don’t actually have an orange range, generally only one pale orange and one bright orange.

All swatches are thin coats cured for 45 seconds each then a Kiki London no wipe top coat cured for 60 seconds.

This one is my absolute favourite of the collection it is such a stunning orange! This one is called Coral Crush, it looks paler in the shot without the bottle, I find when I swatch with the bottle my camera goes mental however the colour does look more like the bottle shot in real life.

Next up we have Peach Me, this one again is a beautiful colour. Such a lush pale orange/peach colour. Will definitely would getting this one back out this summer.

Up next, is Moonlight Pearl, this one looks so pretty and delicate on it’s own but I bet a thin coat over another colour would look stunning as well. I will properly be wearing it like this on it’s on again, I think on a night out with a black dress it would look super pretty and not too much.

This is Party Punch and it was the first polish I swatched in the collection and instantly was blown away by how bright it is, I have polishes that claim to be neon and this one blows them out the water. Super fun and bright pink, would look cool with some green tropical leaves on top.

Glisten Up is next, this one is a little like Moonlight Pearl, except its pink… It looks so pretty and girly on its own but if you did a thin coat over one of the other pinks in the collection I bet it would look super pretty. I really like the gold flecks in this one too, again in matte I bet this one looks lush.

Last up, we have Pretty in Pink. Now as everyone knows I do not like pink very much and that’s still true however, the other pinks in the collection I think are lovely… this one is more of a ‘Barbie’ pink so not one I usually would pick but I like to have full collections and if I ever take clients I will not deprive them of it but I like how tan this one makes me look. I think sticking to the tropical theme some bright pink flamingos over this would be perfect.

As always I love the formula of Kiki London polishes they apply so easily (most colours) and remove easily as well which is always a bonus.

Is this collection something you would wear?

Thanks for reading,

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