Digital Bullet Journal – July Edition

Hello everyone!

Sorry this is a little late, life has been pretty full on recently with my rota at work, and I finally have a house so been busy sorting that out. But I have my bullet journal spread for July to share with you all today. I have already started to create my digital bullet journal for next year too this week, as I want it to look better and really take my time to get everything I want perfect. So I may do a blog post about that and how I create it, how it looks etc.

So this is my monthly spread for July, it looks the same as my May and June one because I never really thought about changing it up and making it look any different, it works and is very functional however August and Septembers I have changed and was inspired by Proud Marlin. I love the flowers in the background for this one, it was a free brush I got on procreate and just made it the biggest size then coloured it in myself. I think ill go back to writing the dates in because using images took forever to do! But looks cute.

So this was the layout for my weekly spread that I went with, again didnt really change it up from previous ones however August I’m going to change it all up and have new pages as well so look out for thay.

I then decided as much as I love a clean white background that would be a little boring so decided to go with some water paint brush strokes of my colour palette for July something simple and no over complicated.

In the spare space I like to have a mini calendar and then on each weekly spread highlight what week I am in. I have my daily mood tracker this month its in the form of flags again I have some other ideas for next month. Then two boxes for anything I want to write down so I have usually been right blog ideas in there and shopping lists since I am/have (at the time of writing this I have now moved in) moving homes.

I didn’t spare this page in my last month’s post but decided to this time round this is my full monthly mood tracker. Whats going well box as well whats bothering me and what can I do about it (these boxes have now been swapped around so they are the right way round. Then I alzo have a gratitude log so I write something in every day of what I am grateful of to try and keep myself positive.

I’m so excited to show you August’s theme and spreads.

I have found so many new bullet journal accounts, who are your favourites?

Thank you for reading,

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