Digital Bullet Journal – June Edition

Hello everyone, welcome back!

This time I am talking about my June spread for my digital bullet journal. I didn’t think it would be popular and although there wasn’t much engagement the stats were a lot higher then other posts.

I really enjoying blogging about my journal so thought once I had designed my June spread I would spare it with everyone. I love how creative you can be with this and I don’t have to worry about making a mistake and it ruining the page as I can just remove it and start again.

My theme this month is oranges and lemons, ish. It is mainly just the colours orange and lemon and I have added a few drawings to each page.

In my journal, I have a monthly spread, then all the weekly spreads behind that page and then sometimes depending how I am feeling I will add a lined page behind the weekly page and use that has a diary entry page.

This is what my June monthly spread looks like. So I have a grid for the monthly calendar with the dates in the corners. I tried to use washi tape behind the days of the week and I am not sure I like it… but it is a learning curve and something that can be very easily changed.

This is what the background to my weekly spread looks like, I decided I did not want to much going on in the background. So I did a water coloured background using ProCreate and roughed up the corners a little bit. I also drew the orange and lemon segments in ProCreate.

Then I added the weekly boxes, I also like to have a mini monthly calendar on each weekly page just so I can see all the dates. I have a mood tracker on each page this month looks like it could be an orange segments which I like to fill in and just keep an eye on. I wasn’t 100% happy with this page mainly because of the blank spaces beside the calendar and the mood tracker but I couldn’t think of anything to add until…

I decided to add a little post it note for some blog ideas, nail ideas just any sort of notes I would need to make. I left the top space empty because I might doddle some stickers and place them there. Who knows I have a full month to fill in that little gap!

I already have so many ideas for my July spread, I am thinking plants and leafs… yes my May spreads were very similar but who cares.. it is my journal after all 🙈

What are your themes for June spreads digital or otherwise for your journals?

As always, thank you for reading,

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