Reading List – May 2020

Good Morning Everyone,

Something else new and a little different, I think I will be doing a few new things on my blog in the up and coming months.

Each month I am going to sharing with you all the books I had that read and which ones are worth the read etc.

Due to lockdown I have read a lot more then I usually would, I think… I do love to read and usually can read a standard book in a full day depending how good it is.

This month I have read the following books; (I think, I started writing this post mid May and my GoodReads app doesn’t give me the dates but I am positive this is right)

10. Love The One You Hate – RS Grey
9. The Boss Next Door – Max Monroe
8.The Billionaire’s Forbidden Little Sister – Max Monroe
7. The Billionaire’s Book Club- Max Monroe
6. Doctor Dearest – RS Grey
5. His Royal Highness – RS Grey
4. Coldhearted Boss – RS Grey
3. Make Me Bad – RS Grey
2. Hotshot Doc – RS Grey
1. Not So Nice Guy – RS Grey

Out of the list above, I would honestly recommend them all to read! 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ I love the styles of writing by both of these authors. Each chapter goes back and forward between the characters so you can get both point of views which I really enjoy. I love to know what both main characters are thinking while certain things are happening – if that makes sense.

As I have said above, I read so many books and very easily get hooked so I often stay up until the early hours of the AM to finish them. But because I read so many, I am subscribed to Amazon Kindle Unlimited which is 7.99 and they have 1000’s of books to chose from and I keep track using the GoodReads app, this year I set myself to read 30 books, I am alright on 21 so I am sure I will smash this target.

During May I have read so many romance books, which usually I don’t like to read, they are predicable, girl meets boy, boy isn’t interested then they fall in love etc etc but during lockdown I like books like this, you can just get lost in them without having to think about what is going on around me.

My favourite type of books to read are crime books, Karen Rose is one of my favourite authors but right now RS Grey is my fav, I have read every single one of her books during lockdown.

What are you reading during this lockdown? Who are you favourite authors? And do you have any book recommendations, I love to read new books that other people like/love.

Thank you for reading,

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