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*items have been sent as PR

Hello Everyone!

I recently have received some goodies from Madam Glam, these were very kindly gifted to me at the beginning of isolation however due to posting from USA they took a little longer to arrive but they have definitely kept me busy. During isolation it is important for some self care and for me that is doing my nails as often as I can, if I had my nail art things with me I would have done my nails 3/4 times a day so I had a back log for my Instagram and it would keep me busy and entertained.

In the box that I received it had so many different things inside for a full manicure/pedicure. Inside it had;

1. UV Lamp to cure the gel polishes
2. A base and top coat as well as gel remover
3. Colour – because I said so! (purple)
4. Colour – mother nature (green)

I decided to use this post to show you how I do my gel nails;

Step 1: Prep the natural nails, this is doing cuticle work, filing your nails to shape, I also buff my natural nail (only slightly) to help the gel stick to it

Step 2: I apply the gel base coat, make sure you are careful not to get it on your skin as when you cure it in the lamp it will stay on your skin. You need to cure the base coat for 60 seconds.

Step 3: After applying the base coat, you need to decide what gel polish colour you are going to use, I am going to use Mother Nature. So again, very carefully apply a thin layer onto all your nails trying to get as close to your cuticle as possible without touching the skin (this will help with how long it lasts as the grow out will not be as bad). Once you have your thin first layer, you need to cure it in the UV lamp for 60 seconds

Step 4: Once your first layer is cured make sure you do not touch it with anything as it will be sticky/tacky. Apply your second layer of colour making sure it is still a thin coat, again take your time and apply it carefully. Cure again in the lamp.

Step 5: Depending on the colour you may need to do another layer. But usually two coats is enough. Again, this layer is going to be tacky so make sure you do not touch it until the end when this tacky later is going to be removed. Apply a thin layer of top coat, and cure for 30 seconds.

Step 6: I usually use a non wipe top coat this way I do not have to remove the sticky layer as the top coat doesn’t produce one. But to remove this you need to use a prep/wipe solution or if you do not have one use a non acetone to remove the sticky later.

Step 7: The final step to any manicure/pedicure is to use cuticle oil and use it multiple times a day and this way you will have healthier cuticles and nails as well.

With this UV light, because it came from USA it had that plug adapter however it is a USB cable so you can use it with another USB plug. Also, because it is a little skinny I have noticed after using it my little fingers the top coat didn’t cure quite right this is because I have long fingers so the little one doesnt quite reach properly so just make sure using a lamp like this you cure the nails correctly, I find turning my hand to the side helps.

Also, it’s super important that you do thin layers as this gel is a lot thicker then other gel I use which means doing thick layers may result in it not curing properly which means your gels will not last as long as they could.

Below are the swatches of the two colours that were kindly gifted, this is part of their new collection released 1st May.

If you want to use any of the products that I have wrote about or any of Madam Glam colours – their website is a treasure trove of colours and finishes, if you use Katie30 you can get 30% off and save yourself some £££’s.

Which colour was your favourite? I actually love them both.

The SuperMom collection is out today and has 8 neon shades out, go check them out!

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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