Isolation Life… and things to do

So… as we are all currently stuck indoors I thought I would tell you about my isolation/quarantine story and how my winter season has been cut short. In this blog post I also want to recommend some things for you to do to relieve a little boredom.

So I am currently on my third week of quarantine, I don’t have any symptoms but because I was doing my season in Austria the whole country was on lockdown before the UK. I completed my two weeks and actually it wasn’t too bad, I read a new book everyday for the first 9 days. I read books by R.S Grey which are romance books, for me very easy reading and not too long meaning I could read one a day (or during the night to early hours). After the first 9 days, Disney+ was released in the UK so I purchased this and used my internet cube to allow me to watch it in another country. During the day on most days, I was cleaning our chalet so was kept busy that way.

After 2 weeks in Austria because I had completed my quarantine period I was able to leave and head back to the UK. I was reprepraited back to the UK on Saturday 28th March by Jet2 (huge appreciation to the crew for bringing us back).

I have been in the UK for 4 days now (as I am writing this) and quarantine life is different here compared to Austria. Austria the weather was lovely, beautiful blue skies and views from the mountains, I mean spring in the mountains is half the reason I do a winter ski season, I had a balcony so I could sit and read out there also shopping was easier as everyone followed the rules the shops tend to be very quiet and fully stocked. I haven’t been to the shop in the UK yet but I imagine that is not the case here.

Now enough of the doom and gloom, let’s talk about somethings that you could do to help relieve some of that boredom of just scrolling through social media’s on your phone.

  1. Read, I recommend books from R.S Grey as I mentioned above I loved reading her books. I recently purchased Kindle Unlimited from Amazon and all her books were free on there and they have thousands and thousands of books so there will be something you would like. It is £7.99 for a month which I think considering how much some books are, is an absolute bargain and it can be cancelled without any fuss so once all this is over and you may return back to work and may not have enough time to read you can just cancel it. I also love to reread my favourite books so recently have reread all the Twilight and Hunger Games series. If you have any other recommendations let me know I love discovering new authors.
  2. Start a new hobby; painting, baking, drawing, reading, gaming, yoga, blogging, magic tricks something you don’t already know how to do and take the time to enjoy it.
  3. Perfect an existing hobby; wanting to improve on your painting skills? then do it! I want to try and improve my blog… again. & I now have no excuse not too. So I have already planned for some blog posts about becoming a seasonaire and making your life easier while doing it and I might actually have some nail art posts up.
  4. Enjoy the time you are spending with your loved ones (if you are isolated with them). Plan for an hour during the day at some point where everyone puts their phones down and talks to each other, play a game together and I am sure without even realising you will have gone over an hour. If you are isolating along, arrange a time for all your friends/family can facetime/skype/zoom so you have something to look forward too.
  5. Catch up on TV you have missed because you have been too busy to watch. I know I will be catching up on Line of Duty season 5 which I missed because I was on summer season and then when I had time it had been removed from the iPlayer. Or rewatch your favourite series, I am going to start rewatching Life on Mars! I absolutely love it and have some many theories about what is happening – have you seen it? what are your thoughts?
  6. Organise your room/home; when I had my own home I loved every now and again emptying my desk, shelves etc and doing a declutter throwing out things I barely used and that way I could purchase more and had somewhere to store them.

I think I will stop at 6 things to do during the lock down that way it isn’t too overwhelming.

A few tips to help anyone who loves a routine, make one. Sit down and plan the next few days even if it just writing down a few things you would like to achieve. That way again you won’t feel too overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

and if you are isolated alone, facetime your friends and family. There is an app called House Party that allows all your friends to be a in a video call together and you could take it in turns to host a pub quiz or play party games. If we all follow the rules it will be summer before we know it and it will be the best summer yet!

I hope everyone stays safe and well!

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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