goodbye Ischgl…

So as I am currently writing this (9th March) the season is drawing to a close, we have 7 weeks left before the last guests leave us and this has me feeling mixed feelings, it makes me sad and relieved at the same time. At this point in the season I am ready to go home and see my family and friends but I love the winter season so much, I love the snow, the skiing, the apres and just how pretty everything is. At the minute, as it stands I am currently looking at going to Lake Garda for the Summer season which makes me very excited. Austria in the Summer is beautiful but I left my everyday normal life to do some travelling so it will be exciting to work in another country and not to mention all the ice cream and pasta I plan on eating on a daily basis!

I am now continuing this post on 31st March and wow a lot has changed in the past month. I am devastated that the season ended so abruptly, As you know COVID-19 seemed to just creep up on us all and within a week it went from the first cases to shutting the whole of the Tyrol. Our guests left one night early but I had to stay and quarantine for two weeks. We left Austria on Saturday 28th March and I am now back in the UK quarantining again for another two weeks. I had to say goodbye to all my friends and I am not sure when I will see them again which is very sad – hopefully it won’t be too long!

So rather then talking about my season, I am just going to leave some of my photos of this season to cheer me up instead.

I take 100’s of photos on season and I can’t upload them so here are my favourite 23!

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox

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