My 2019 favourites…

Well… I am super late to the game with this post but I have been super busy. But better late then never right…?

I thought I would put together a list of my 2019 favourites, not all of these are going to beauty/nail related some of the things listed may be things that make my life as a seasonaire that little bit easier. I will do different categories to spilt everything up, that way if there is something you are not interested in you can just skip.

Skin Care

First up for my favourite skin care products;

My all time favourite moisturiser is the Tea Tree Face Lotion from The Body Shop, this is a matte moisturiser and makes my face feel so good. It absorbs so quickly and leaves your face looking matte instantly. Great for my time in the mountains both in Summer and Winter and is a great base if I ever do decide to wear make up. The bottle is 50ml which lasts me around 6 months and I use it everyday and it was one of the first skin care products I actually finished for the first time. I am not going to lie I love most of the Tea Tree range and I have used the toner, cleanser and pimple stick and again actually finished the full product.

Secondly, another product from The Body Shop which has made it to my favourites is the Camomile Cleansing Butter. This melts make up off your face! It is literally like magic and it takes no extra effort. I am almost finished my first tin, again this has lasted me around 6/7 months and I already have my back up ready. I mainly use this when I wear make up or particularly in the summer after a long sweaty hike. In the Winter I do use it less regularly. To use the balm, I just swirl my fingers in the tin and apply on different parts of my face and rub into my skin and remove with a magic cloth, because it melts off instantly usually if you go for a second swirl you end up with makeup in the balm so it can be a little unhygienic if you don’t clean the top layer with a cloth.

I buy all my Body Shop products from Chloe (Tipped off Nails) through her facebook group, I bulk buy for the time I am away aboard.


The first beauty product for 2019 is the Urban Decay – Naked Heat Palette, I did only get this in June, so had it for roughly half the year, however I do use my friends every time I saw her and she very kindly bought it for my birthday as I love it. The colours are all my types of colours and there wouldn’t be one I wouldn’t use. You can create several different looks as there are oranges, reds and purples as well as shimmers and mattes. Will always be my go to palette and will more then likely be the one I pick up and take on my seasons with me (my one and only palette I allow myself). The packaging is a little chunky but I can get over that, I even like the brush that comes with it – which is surprising because usually I would just throw them straight in the bin.

My next beauty product is; Mylee Eyelash tint in black. I very rarely actually wear make-up on season even though I bring so much it just isnt reasonable – I ski most days in the winter (or hike in the summer) or I have to get up early and I would rather send that time asleep then putting make-up on. I use the black tint for my eye lashes every now again – mainly because I have blonde lashes and can sometimes look like I don’t have any. But I love this tint, it is super easy to use (please follow the instructions) it does tell you to do one eye at a time but I thought how hard could it be, let me tell you – hard I managed one eye perfectly then accidently poked myself in the other eye so shut my eyes tightly and then the product was all over my face, so it is best to do one eye at a time. You get a mascara wand to apply the product. I did also use a brown tint for my eyebrows but for some reason it never worked, they never changed colour regardless of how much I left it on – I assume I had a dud brown tint as the black worked fine.


My first nail product for my 2019 favourites has to be any Kiki London Gel products. I love this brand and have been a huge fan from the very start of their business. I own almost every polish they have ever released and they are such amazing quality, if applied correctly can last for weeks. In 2019 they released a new spring collection, summer collection, builder gel in a bottle and a glitter top coat collection. Whenever I try and grow my nails I always wear their nude rubber base and top coat to keep my nails strong and to stop breakages – super important while skiing and hiking as I have no coordination so will more than likely fall over. I am actually a brand ambassador for Kiki London however I do spend a lot my own money on their products so I will always give my honest opinions (I haven’t liked all their colours – and that is okay)

Next up we have Apothaka – Let me start off by saying Natasha’s nail and cuticle oil is AMAZING. It smells amazing and works so bloody well. Every time I grow my nails I also purchase a new bottles and put it on as much as I can it really does make a difference! I also use her SOS hand cream which is a god send in the winter with all the cold weather to keep my hands nice and moisturised. Natasha really does know what she is doing with ingredient combinations, she also has a skin care range which has been featured in magazines, for a ‘small’ business that is amazing and shows the products speak for themselves.


My first hair product is LUSH‘s shampoo bar, I have used around 3 in over a year in a half. I have tried three different ones (lemon, lavender and an argan oil one) and I love them all, I very fairly use liquid shampoo anymore (only if I use a tinted one). As well as being great for your hair they are also good for the environment as they have no packaging, I did buy a set of metal containers for the shampoo and conditioner bars and they have been the same set since I bought my first bar. LUSH have also just released cork containers which are recyclable. Due to traveling a lot I can also keep these in my hand luggage and they have no issues going through security meaning my suitcase is considerably lighter without all the bottles which makes a difference when you only have 20KG for 6 months of travelling. I have used the conditioner bars however you are unable to have a quick shower with these because they do not lather up like shampoo it is very hard to get enough product onto my hair (which is super thick) so I only use my conditioner bar when I have plenty of time to myself.

What I have been using for conditioner is the Mark Hill Argon Oil conditioning mask and I use this twice a week and keep it on my hair for around 5 minutes while I get washed etc, wash it off and it leaves your hair feeling amazing, it also made my hair less frizzy which I don’t think was a claim on their packaging but it helped massively with my frizziness. In winter I like to use conditioner masks because usually it is cold outside my hair becomes brittle and dry (not usually a problem in the summer) especially when skiing all the cold wind/snow getting on the ends which stick out of my helmet I like to try keep my hair as healthy as possible.


I don’t usually make ‘big’ purchases for myself however I worked hard last year (if I do say so myself) so I decided why not treat myself I haven’t had a games console since I had the Nintendo DSXL that my parent’s bought me for a christmas or a birthday, so I bought myself a Nintendo Switch as an end of winter season treat and I bloody love it! It fits into my work bag, I take it to the airport on a Saturday as it is a long ass day and once guests are checked in I have a few hours before our first flights land so I can get some good game time in. I have a few different games but not too many (I forgot how expensive games where when you have pay for them yourself) but I love Lego Movie 2 and at the airport often play Mario Kart and have a few of us join in.

My second item as a seasonaire I feel like is a must! It is my House of Marley Mini Chant Speaker for a speaker so small it is so loud, the sound sounds so good as well. It comes in different colours/patterns I went for a green leafy design and it so handy as it has a carabina so just attached to my backpack for hand luggages and goes through security with no issues.


In my ‘other’ section I have two things; The first one is my contact lens. I order them online from Hubble and get them shipped straight to my work address aboard. It is 29 euros for 30 pairs as I have two different prescriptions so would be cheaper for 1 box but I need 2 different boxes. It is super easier to skip months, I usually use contacts for skiing and hiking in the summer and it is a nightmare to do either in glasses, skiing my glasses don’t fit under my googles and end up getting steamed up and hiking glasses make your face sweaty! They are super easy to put and out and they don’t irritate my eyes like my specsaver ones used too.

The second ‘other’ item is ASOS premier delivery, it is £10.00 for the year and means you can get free next day delivery in the UK (I do let my friends use this at home) but since I am aboard I still use it because I get free international shipping and it usually takes a one week to arrive into Austria. Definitely worth having, you save so much on delivery, when your year is almost up they send you an email about how much you have saved and I saved £££’s last year.

Again, super sorry this is now 3 months late… I did start writing this in January but took so much longer then I intended.

I will eventually get my blogging schedule sorted out – but today is not that day.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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