LagunaMoon – The Whole Shebang Collection


Another blog post, woohoo! This time I have the Whole Shebang Collection from LagunaMoon. The collection contains 6 different gel polishes from different collections – this is a great way to try out different types of polish.

This is how the collection is packaged, I love these boxes and do a few different ones, this one opens like a book but some of the older ones open like a draw, I usually like to remove the insert and that way it is easier to store more gel polish/polish.

Due to having a cat eye polish (magnetic) in this collection there was also a cat eye magnet which ensures you get the full effect of the polish.

Firstly, I have PL033 which is a polish from the platinum collection. It is a super sparkly pink glitter polish. It is pink glitters in a pink sheer base however it can be opaque in one coat, there is so much glitter packed into it. I did do two coats but that is because I never trust a one coater. My only criticism is that the glitters load the brush which can make it more difficult to apply especially on my tiny nails so I did have to do a bit of clean up around the side walls.

Next up, CE042 which is a burgundy cat eye gel polish. To use cat eye polish I usually use a black gel base and then apply a layer of the cat eye polish then use the magnet to change the polish to however you like. I love this colour, it almost looks like space on your nails especially with the black base. I think this would like great with stars, moons etc stamped on it.

Next is, ST026 which is from the Star Dust collection. This one is opaque enough that it could be used on its own, I did do two layers for this swatch but with one it looked just as good. If this was used a topper, it would have to be a blue or silver polish as the glitters are quite big you wouldn’t be able to see the base that well. This one would be great for party season especially with all the different coloured glitters.

Next, is TP1029 this is tri coloured temperature changing gel polish. However I only managed to get two colours. From the pictures on the website it should be three different shades of blue, the light blue on the left is the cold state, the darker blue is the hot state I am assuming I couldn’t capture the middle blue as my water was not at the right temperature. I did have to do around 3/4 thin layers of this one and it was so the lightest colour was fully opaque. A colour I would definitely wear again.

CL037 is up next, this is from the classic collection. This is a Navy gel polish, I always forget how hard it is to swatch dark colours. I did one thin layer not that close to the cuticle and cured it and then added another layer on top close to the cuticle and side walls. It is a very hard one to make look opaque, it has fully covered my nails however because they are not even it doesn’t quite look like it.

Last up we have TP089 which is another temperature changing polish but this time it is only two colours. I love the hot state of this polish, which is the left hand side, which is the clear base with glitter bits, it has a vary of big and little glitters. The cold state is the bright pink colour on the right hand side and the glitters stand out more when it is in its cold state.

Overall, I think this is a great collection a good mix of different types of polish. The only downside is that none of the polishes have names only numbers and letters which is great so you know what collection it is from but I quite like having individual names.

LagunaMoon can be found on Amazon and have their own website via Instagram.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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