Missu Flexi Tips Review

Hello everyone,

So after using flexi tips a few times now, I thought it would be time to give everyone my thoughts and opinions. I purchased the items needed myself from Missu Beauty and I used a discount code from Sarah (@finger_candi) SARAH10 to make my order a little cheaper (who doesn’t love to save a bit of cash!) as I had to pay for international delivery due to being in Austria for my summer season.

I placed my order on the 17th July and paid £11.99 for international shipping which I hate paying for so usually don’t order that much when I am on season or just buy locally or brands that are in the same country but I had seen so many people use these tips I wanted to try them so bad, I missed my long nails and my nails had snapped just a few days before so I thought I would treat myself. I expected the package to arrive a week later, which is the usual for international shipping however this arrived 2 DAYS LATER on the 19th July! I was super impressed so didn’t feel angry about the charge.

I ordered; 1 box of stiletto tips (£18), 1 primer (£9.60), 1 strengthener (£19.90) and 1 150 grit file (£1.20) Prices have tax added, the website shows you the price without tax. You do also need a gel base and top coat but I already have tons of these so didn’t want to buy anymore.

I had watched videos on how to apply the tips from @helen_zeng_nails as well as asking so many questions to Sarah and Molly (@mollymoonails) and just decided for the first time applying them just to go for it and learn from the errors, I would undoubtedly make. The hardest thing about these tips is doing them on your own and making sure you don’t get air bubbles under the tip (which I still do on at least one nail) as you need to press the nail down, as well as cure under a UV or LED lamp.

This was my first attempt; the shaping isn’t great and I didn’t go as close to the cuticle as I wanted.

Now I have done another 4 sets on myself, I thought I would try and do a little pictorial on how I apply them, minus a picture of my curing the nail, as stated above pressing down and curing is hard enough without taking pictures of it, haha.

This is everything you will need;

Firstly, you prep the nail as you would applying gel nails. Pushing cuticles back, filing nails to the desired shape, buffing the top of the nail and removing the dust. I then sized up the full tips to match my nails for both hands and lay them down in order in front of me. The reason I wanted to try these tips in the first place was because they claimed to do mid sized for people with tiny nail beds (like me!) and they weren’t wrong, I have finally managed to find tips that fit without a massive need to file them. (Although I now have all the spare big sizes that I can not do much with unless I do someone else’s nails)

I then also file in the inside of the tips, this makes them ‘stick’ better to the full nail.

I then applied a small layer of primer to my natural nails and waited around 30 seconds for this to dry (it did dry a lot sooner than that however I wanted to be certain it was dry), I then applied a small layer of the base coat to my nails and cure it for around 45 seconds.

Apply a small bead of strengther to the tip at the bottom (close to the cuticle end) and roll on the top onto the nail. You need to roll the tip onto the nail and squeeze out any air bubbles and you have to hold it in place until you have cured it for 60 seconds.

This is what they look like, once they are applied to the nails and shaped.

As you can see, they are very clear so this may not appeal to everyone so I usually because of my work paint them with a nude base coat and a clear top coat. Obviously, you can do whatever you want.

I love using this tips, they are super easy peasy to use and look great if shaped/done correctly. Definitely worth a try if you thinking about it.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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