Rosalind Nail Polish Haul

Hello Everyone,

I thought while I had a bit of time I would spend the evening (last night) swatching my recent haul, and today actually writing a blog post.

This is my current view from my Summer accommodation;

It is super hot so I am hiding indoors where possible!

So recently on a few ‘Instragrammers’ pages I have seen gel nail polish pens, I am currently doing Summer and Winter seasons so I am unable to carry around my collection however since Winter I have managed to buy more nail polish and now wondering how on earth I will even get it home! But these pens are a lot smaller to carry around and obviously a lot lighter.

There were several different brands that do these but I ended up going with Rosalind Store, I bought 11 different coloured one step gel polish pens in (hopefully) a wide range of shades so I that I shouldn’t need to take my bottles with me anymore. However, Rosalind has more shades than that (as well as 58 shades in normal gel polish pens, no doubt I will probably get some more just to have more colours and hopefully to stop me buying more bottles and worry about getting them home.

This is what they look like, basically like a fatter cuticle oil pen. The one step gel polish pen is $3.39 each so £2.67 approx. each which to me is incredibly reasonable just for the travel friendly aspect.

The shades do not have shade names just numbers, this is the same with the one step polish pens and the gel polish pens, the one step polish pens have a three digit number where the gel polish pens start from 01 to 58.

One Step Gel Polish Pens

With the one step, you do not need base and top coat. You can just apply it to your nails and you should be ready to go (always prep though)

The polish is super easy to apply, even on my tiny nails with the brush. My only issue is that sometimes when you twist it for more polish sometimes you get too much and have no where to put it meaning you do a thicker layer and sometimes not curing properly.

Some of these colours where perfect, the consistency was great and colours opaque on three thin coats however some where not. Some of the colours needed longer to cure and had a thick consistency, but with practice I think I could make it work.

A310 – darker grey of the two I bought, fully opaque in three thin coats however went slightly bubbly on the pointer finger but this was my fault for doing a thicker coat and it not curing properly. It is sometimes difficult to do a thin layer as when you twist the end a lot comes out.

A314 – a lovely shimmery bronze, one of my favourite colours from the few I bought. Fully opaque and no issues with lots of product coming out when I twist the bottom, could also be used a topper.

A307 – This is another one that is fully opaque with thin three coats again, on my pointer finger it bubbled from not curing properly due to thick layers as the polish was super thick and couldn’t do thin layers. With a lot of patience could be done however I have 0 patience!

A302 – I am never a huge fan of pink but thought it would be best to try at least one and this one is lovely, it is a dusty pink and not too in your face. Three thin coats makes it almost opaque you can just see my free edge peaking through but I don’t mind.

A291 – This is the polish I didn’t order, I ordered A292 which is the white and the lid does say A292 however it was black. I hate swatching black it is always a nightmare. This is fully opaque in three thin coats and actually one of the easier polishes to work with but if it gets on your cuticles it is a bitch to get off!

A300 – a lovely mellow yellow, almost a pastel yellow. This one was super difficult to use, it was super thick and loads of product came out with one twist which resulted in it not curing properly and going all bumping. Which is a shame – I may try the normal gel polish pens and see if they work better then the one step ones.

A298 – a nice juicy orange, this is a lovely colour not quite neon and not quite pastel somewhere between. Beautiful formula and great coverage, with some free edge showing – again nothing a white base coat wouldn’t solve if it was an issue.

A299 – a bright yellow – one of the reasons I wanted to even try these pens was for this colour. It was super easy to apply and a good formula again, you can see my free edges just however I really like them and I would possible do a white base coat if this bothers you and it would get rid of them straight away

A304 – a bottle green, what is not to love?! This one was super easy to use, not to thick or thin however not fully opaque with three thin coats – again I am not mad about it, with dark colours like this when it is fully opaque it is a struggle to even see the colour

A309 – a light grey, considerably lighter then the colour on the website which is a shame as I wanted it a little darker – however I can live with it. It was easy to apply and opaque with 2 thin and 1 thicker coat.

These did take a little while to come, they are coming from China and I am in Austria it took around 2-3 weeks, I did order a white however they spent a black instead, but I have since been in touch and they are going to resend me a white out. I will definitely be ordering some other colours but probably from the ‘normal’ gel polish pen range as they have a wider selection and I can always carry my usual base and top coat. But I do know of other brands who do the base and top coat in pen form too. So possibly I may purchase them too just to make my collection easier to carry.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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