Kiki London Neon Vibes

Hello everyone, 

I have more nail swatches for you! This time it is the Kiki London Neon Vibes collection.

This consists of 6 different neon polishes which are perfect for summer! The collection is currently £31.49 (on sale) however you can get an extra 10% off using nailsbykt or individual colours are £5.29 (on sale) again you can get 10% off using nailsbykt and if you are in the UK free next day delivery too.

All swatches are three thin coats with Kiki London no wipe top coat. The formula for all these are the standard Kiki London formula which is excellent, self levels and dries under 30 seconds in my LED light.

For some reason my camera has made all the colours seem less bright then they actually are, the colours are much brighter in real life!

First up, it wouldn’t be a neon collection without a neon yellow! This is called Yellow Caution, it is a super bright neon yellow and also glows under UV light. I couldn’t quite make it 100% opaque however I think if you used a white base (like you should with neons) it would be fine.

Next up, is Raving Doll which is a neon pink. I also couldn’t get this one fully opaque (again, using a white base would work to fix this) but I really like this one, for some reason my camera has made it look quite ‘mellow’ for a neon pink but it really life it is super bright. Again, this one also glows under UV light.

Next up, we have Acid Green as well as loving the colour on this one I also love the name! For me you would know this was a neon color without even seeing the swatch. I love this green and I imagine it would perfect for any up and coming festivals. (glows under UV light)

Next, we have Neon Prince, this one was opaque with the three thin coats and does not glow under UV light however that doesn’t mean it is not as bright as the rest! It is super bright and perfect for summer.

I have left my two favourites till last however I love the whole collection!

My first favourite is Diva, which obviously is purple (my favourite colour) this one is also does not glow under UV but I love it anyways! It is a super bright real purple colour, no messing with glitters and different finishes etc a real basic purple!

Lastly, and my second favourite is Mi Lava, which is a bright neon orange which glows under UV lights. I don’t think this could get any brighter if I tried. This would be absolutely perfect for festivals or raves! (if anyone even has these anymore)

Hopefully, I am on my way to get back into nail art so keep an eye out on my Instagram for any updates!

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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