Austria – Neustift 2019 Blog 1

Hello everyone,

Look who remembered to actually blog before the end of the season! Today is my day off, usually I would like to be doing something however due to it raining heavily I have decided to stay in paint my nails and start my ‘Summer’ blog.

This is what it looks like today, we popped to the shop for mozzarella sticks

I have been in Neustift for 15 days now, and not a lot has happened really. Our guests don’t arrive until the 5th June (even then it is only 2, although I can’t wait to see people!) then we have more guests arriving on the 8th June.

Since we have been here it has only been sunny 2 maybe 3 days out of the 15 so we haven’t really been able to go out and do much as it is super cloudy (low cloud) or raining and no-one likes to walk in the rain/snow. A lot of admin work has been done in the mean time. But the Stubai Valley is beautiful, it is 35km long and is made up of 5 ‘villages’, Schonberg im Stubaital, Mieders, Telfes, Fulpmes and Neustift im Stubaital and at the end of the valley is the Stubai Glacier which can be skied on throughout the summer.

I have also done trips to some amazing castles and palaces but because of the rain didn’t take any pictures, I am sure throughout the season I will go again and make sure I take a ton of photos when it is actually nice outside. The plan is to go to Morano on Thursday too with the guests so I should be able to be get some nice photos there as apparently the weather is always lovely there… we shall see.

It is not all doom and gloom though as I have some lovely pictures from the one walk I have done. It is called the Pinnistal Walk and it make it easier on our guests (they are on the older side) we get the cable car (Elferbahn) up to the top of the mountain and walk down towards the Pinnistal mountain hut, the walk to the hut is lovely, it’s s a small path winding through the the forest and once you are at the hut there is the most jolliest friendliest of restaurant owners. Once you are done in the hut you make the descent back down the the valley, the mountains are stunning and some are so big they didn’t even look real!

We stumbled across the stone giants on our walk and thought we would give them a hand…

For the moment there isn’t much more to say, I will keep everyone updated once we have guests and are doing more walks and excursions.

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.

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