Kiki London – Spring Collection 2019

Today I am going to be talking about the new(ish) spring collection from Kiki London. I have had this collection (and had it swatched) since it was released however I just never got round to posting the pictures. 

I am currently back in Austria but hoping in the summer I have more time to do my nails and remember to post them!

These collection consists of six new colours that are perfect for spring! All 6 were fully opaque after three thin coats but some of them would have been fine with two coats.

First up is Fiji Water, one of my favourites from the collection and it isn’t hard to see why;

Next up is Buttercup, a lovely mellow yellow that screams out Spring;

Next up is Just Lavish, a pastel purple that I just love;

Next up is Coral Whip, this wasn’t quite the same as the photo on Kiki London’s website however still super pretty and delicate all the same;

Next up, another favourite – and not just because of the name is Mojito Ice. A lovely icey green;

and Lastly, we have Beaches and Cream – I have purposely posted this one and Buttercup separately because my camera made them all look very similar however in real life this one is more orange and a definite favourite of mine;

This is a beautiful collection and a staple for spring/summer, it is currently on sale for £29.99 for the full six polishes but will my discount code you can get a further 10% off and if you live in the UK free next day delivery.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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