Austria – Ischgl 2019

Well… who failed miserably at blogging again… that’s right, that would be me!

I had all good intentions of blogging regularly while spending the rest of the winter season in Ischgl, however there isn’t actually much to do here apart from skiing and I imagine seeing the same mountain pictures would get on people’s nerves so I am just going to do a summary of my time here.

When I left home on 13th January, I had no idea I wouldn’t actually make it to Ischgl until 3 days later, the weather had been so bad before I left the UK that roads/airports had been closed so we (Kieron and I) were overnighted in St Anton (about an hour and a bit away from where we actually should of been) and since there wasn’t much we could do work wise, apart from some training we basically had a 3 day jolly.

Look at all the snow! & our matching Ski World Cup hats…

It was weird coming somewhere with actual snow since Lapland barely had any! But at least it wasn’t as cold as Lapland, I am sure the coldest it has been while I have been here is -8, so not too cold and not thermal weather 24/7! When I did make it to Ischgl, I was thrown into to the deep end, it was a bit difficult to begin with as I hadn’t waited a table since I was 14, but after a while I was a carry three plates like a pro :’)

I LOVE the ski area in Ischgl, although at the beginning of the season you probably wouldn’t of realised I could even ski. It was so strange actually skiing on ‘proper’ snow. In Finland it was all ‘fake’ snow from the snow cannons so it got very icey and flat straight away, whereas in Ischgl the snow was real and we have a ton of it which meant that the pistes would just be moguls which I couldn’t ski in. After a lot of practice and working on my technique I could manage them by the end of the season and my skiing improved massively (except the speed, I think I will forever by a slow skier – which suits me just fine!). The ski area in Ischgl is massive and using the ski pass that I had I was also able to ski in Switzerland and go into the Swiss town of Samnaun. But I also bought a day pass for Galtur (this is where I actually lived for the season) and had an amazing day, it is a lot smaller than Ischgl with only have 40+km of piste skiing but a lot of other people did go there for the off piste. It was never busy and I always felt a little more comfortable going a bit faster due to pistes being empty.

Here are just some of the many photo’s that I took of the mountains…

Galtur has some amazing views compared to Ischgl, it has a beautiful views of the reservoir/dam and most of the runs all lead down to it so there was plenty of photo opportunities. It helped that we went on a blue bird day where there wasn’t a cloud in the ski and it was not too cold.

I didn’t do much throughout the season apart from work, ski or nap. So I only really have ski photos. I occasionally did go out on a few nights out but not very often, I wanted to save money and I didn’t live in town so if I wanted to go out I would need to pay for a taxi which wouldn’t of helped me save any money.

We did have an end of season which was a BBQ on the mountain which was called IschglFEST. We had a BBQ, some drinks and had music playing in a little hidden gem on the mountain.

The season is now finished and I am already back out for the Summer season. This Summer I am heading to Neustift in Austria and I am not going to promise to blog weekly as that clearly never ever happens. But there is much more to do in Summer so I should have more to post… we shall see.

I am currently writing a post r.e the start of my Summer so I will have definitely have another post and hoping the Summer will be just as good as the Winter season.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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