Look by Bipa

Hello everyone,

During my time in Austria I did bring some nail polishes/art things with me and planned to do my nails when I could however that hasn’t been as often as I would like. But you know me, any chance to buy new nail varnish I will take it! So one day, (while I was having a particularly bad day) I went to the local beauty store and found the brand Look by Bipa (Bipa being the shop name) and it was super cheap compared to the imported brands.

I bought myself three colours, a ‘peel’ off base coat and a quick drying top coat.

The peel off base coat, although I have only used it three times which was when I was swatching the three colours doesn’t work – I did wait for it to be completely dry but I assume the colour wasn’t fully dry when I tried to peel it off. I will try and use this again and see how well it peels on non swatch days. But as a base coat goes, it is pretty decent, doesn’t smell, dried quickly and I imagine prevents staining.

The quick dry top coat is also pretty good, it does dry quickly which is great when swatching and doing nail art but it also doesn’t smudge stamping polish which is a huge bonus – I have tried different quick dying top coats and they always smudge unless I wait forever for the polish to dry which on nail art days I can’t be bothered to do.

Now, onto the colours themselves. They had a fairly decent collection in the shop but they all seemed to be shimmery shades which at the time I wasn’t mad at however when I went back a few days later in a good mood I really just wanted some nice creme polishes as all the polishes I had brought with me from home were also shimmery or holo but they didn’t have a huge selection of ‘normal’ polishes.

The polish is a really good consistency, not to thin or thick and was opaque in two coats! It dried down glossy but with the added top coat looked smooth. It doesn’t have a funny/bad smell which is always a bonus with some cheaper polishes. I paid 2 euros 50 cents each for the all the polishes including the top and base coat.

The first polish is this lovely purple, it has a base colour of purple with blue shimmer in it.

The next polish is a green polish. It has a green base with light green shimmers throughout.

The final polish that I purchased was a copper orange colour, it is a orange base with gold shimmer throughout.

I absolutely love all of the shades and I am struggling to pick a favourite from the three. I will be going back and maybe purchasing some blue and nude polishes and hopefully see if they stock any creme polishes before I go home (I am actually coming back to Austria for the Summer season so I am hoping the resort I am staying in as a Bipa and some other colours)

I thought I would upload these collages too, I have always want to make them and although they are not perfect I am chuffed at how I get my pose almost the same every time now.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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