Nail Lacquer – Mini Haul

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be sharing with you a mini haul of polishes that I bought from a new indie brand – Nail Lacquer UK Boutique. Although, I would have bought the lot if I had the money.

Ave also known as naillacqueruk on Instagram has start created and selling her own polish and the shades are stunning, and don’t even get me started on the bottles. I have not seen any other brand with this style/shape of bottle and it is certainly fit for royalty.

The way the bottles came packaged were beautiful, even my OH was impressed! Each bottle came in its own velvet bag and the whole box was well packages with tissue to stop any breakages.

I eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, managed to pick only 5! and yes, they were purples, blues, greens and orange all my favourite colours. They were named Alyssa, Blu, Esther, Victoria & Orianna.

Each swatch has two coats and no top coat and it is so easy to see how shiny and smooth the polish is on its own. I have also used the descriptions that Ave uses on her website because I have no idea what the difference is most of the time with different pigments and flakies.

This is Alyssa, which is a purple nail polish full of holographic sparkle and duo-chrome flakes. The holographic-ness totally baffled my camera so it looks slightly blurry (I mean it may be but I am blaming just how holographic the polish is🙈).

Next up is Blu, which is a royal blue polish full of holographic pigment and soft holographic flakes. Again, my camera had a nightmare photographing the polishes I picked just because of the holographic-ness and due to not having my usual light set up (as I don’t have a permanent home anymore as I am now off on my travels again!)

Up next is Esther, which is a Ethiopian emerald holographic jelly polish full of intense holographic flakes. This is such a beautiful polish and might be my favourite out of the bunch.

Next is Orianna, which is a orange jelly nail polish packed with holographic flakes. This one is super pretty and to me a perfect orange colour, not too bright and not too dull and holographic flakes just makes everything better.

Last but by no means least, is Victoria which is a deep turquoise blue jelly nail polish full of yellow, green, blue, and orange shifting soft glitter that mimics “unicorn pee” pigment. This one is a beautiful polish it is just a shame I couldn’t photograph it properly due to the lighting situation etc so I kind-of managed to take a photo in front of the window while I am away to show the green shift.

I would definitely recommend these polishes, the colours are beautiful and she has a lot of different shades on her website also the formula is great and easy to work with. They came super quickly considering there was a technical difficulty with the website. They were packaged so well and looked beautiful.

Head over to her website now!

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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