My Finland Adventure Begins

Well… It has been an eventful few days!

In the past week I have packed and moved out of my flat (with the help of a few others), broken a veneer, thought I broke a knuckle, had one of my trains cancelled, went on the tube at rush hour on a Friday, got off at the wrong bus stop and had to walk 1.5 miles to our hotel with three suitcases, two large backpacks and no idea where to go and then to top it all off got caught in a down pour of torrential rain with no coat because it was sunny when I left the hotel!

I moved out of flat 43 on Thursday, I have lived there for one and half years and loved it, it was my first ‘nice’ flat and we were the first people to live there so it was still new when we moved in.

Please excuse how horrendous I look, I had just finished moving the last bits out the flat.

Friday, the start of the first leg of my new adventure, before we headed to Finland we decided to make a weekend of it in London since we hadn’t really been before. (We have spent 4 hours in London a few summers ago).

We left Friday morning, I was feeling super stressed and just wanted to be on the train.

Once we got on, everything started getting excitingly that is until we checked the train line app to see what platform our connection train was going to be at, that is when we found out that it had just been cancelled and we would have to get another two trains to get to London and would take hours more than planned.

Our replacement trains where from Doncaster to Sheffield and Sheffield to London – the Sheffield train was literally one carriage and was absolutely rammed.

Eventually when we got to London it was rush hour on the tube and it was bloody awful.

Heathrow Airport have a really good visitor centre and they were extremely helpful. Heathrow also have a free bus service to where a lot of the hotels are which is a great service however it is not advertised anywhere so not massively used by tourists just airport/hotel workers. Although the lady in the visitor was super helpful she actually told us to get off at the wrong stop (we are blaming Kieron’s accent) so we ended up walking for over a mile up the road to our hotel which was difficult with all our luggage. Obviously just shouting at each other and both being huffy, the best thing the whole day?? MCDELIVERLY.

At this pointed I hated London and didn’t want to come back.

The tube on Saturday was so much better! So far, I liked London again.


Like all London tourist’s we headed to Madam Tussauds and what a a nightmare that was, tourist are right dicks! I could barely see any of the statue’s and because I just wanted to look and not take selfies with them all, I was shoved out the way a lot. So for the £70 we paid for the two of us, definitely not worth it.

We were hoping on and off the tube like pro’s and headed to Embankment.

and just like that I hated London again, far to busy for me and to make matters worse, it rained and I don’t mean just a little bit of rain I mean it was bouncing up off the floor and hitting my knees.

A few progression shots of us in the rain in a our light jackets because it was sunny and warm on the morning. 

We managed to run to the tube station for it to be closed, and when we went to the next one it was rammed. It was like all the programmes you see on the TV about how bad the underground, but actually the staff did so well to manage all the people down there.

I now couldn’t wait to leave London and head off to Finland!

Next stop Finland,
Katie, xox.

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