Kiki London – Thermal Collection

Hello Everyone,

Today, I have the new Kiki London thermal collection to share with you all. Thermal polishes are definitely my favourite and Kiki London have just released EIGHT and they are stunning! The collection has a selection of colours and there is bound to be the perfect one for you.

This collection is available now and is on sale for £39.99 reduced down from £49.99 however, you can get another 15% off using nailsbykt making the whole collection just £33.99 making each polish only £4.25.

Most of my swatches (bar maybe two, which I will mention below) only needed two coats of polish to be fully opaque. There are 3 shimmer/glittery shades and the rest creme shades. I am not sure if I have just one single favourite – I feel like I say that about every collection but the colours are just too beautiful to pick only one.

FYI – It was getting late at night while I swatched these so I was unable to use the hair dryer method so I just use good old fashion hot and cold water but by the time I dried my hands the effect had gone so there unfortunately, there is water on the pictures. Each of the polish I will show cold, transition and hot swatches.

First off we have, Exotic Mama. This took three thin coats to make the cold colour fully opaque. It is a bright reddy/pink that transitions into the a light pink.

Next we have, Tropical Peach. This is a lovely yellowy/orange that transitions into a gorgeous peachy colour.

Next we have, Pretty Girl. This is one of the shimmery/glittery polishes and it is stunning. It is a bright blue that transitions into a light pinky/purple/bluey colour. This is the first one I swatched and definitely one of my favourites. I kind of wish I could also have the cold colour on it’s own as it is a beautiful colour.

Next we have, Passion Duet. Cold this is a blurple that transitions into the light purple/dark pink. I love the transitions on this one its so pretty!

Next we have, Mermaid Waves. I had to do three thin coats on this one and this ones is also a favourite, it’s a gorgeous teal/blue colour and transitions to a light teal/green colour – this is another one where I could buy both colours separately.

Next we have, Sweet Charm – again another favourite (which is so surprising because everyone knows I am not a pink fan) the cold shimmer colour is stunning, its black but has loads of different shimmers running through it and the transition is amazing, I even love the hot colour which is a light baby pink with dark flakes/shimmers running through it. I will be definitely be taking this one on my travels.

Next we have, Baby Fuschia. This one is similar to Exotic Mama but slightly darker so it is not too in our face. It has a lovely transition between the two colours.

and finally we have, Blue-tiful Wine, another shimmer one which is up there with my favourites. It is a lovely light/dark purple (depending how the light catches it) and transitions into a pale blue and I love all the colours, again another one I wish I could purchase the cold colour.

Overall, I love this collection. Kiki London have released some beautiful collections lately, click here to see swatches of their Autumn collection.

I will definitely be taking some of these on my travels they will be perfect coming in from the snow to the heated rooms.

Until next time.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.

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