Vegan Beauty Cosmetics – Halloween Collection

Hello Everyone,

Today on the blog I will be talking about Vegan Beauty Cosmetics Halloween Collection – which can be bought here. They are £3 for 5ml bottle and £5 for 10 ml bottle. In the collection they are three glitter polishes, three thermal polishes and one black polish.

First up the glitter polishes, in the collection they’re two glitter toppers and one glitter polish. Both toppers have been swatched over black, white, on their own as well as the colour of the glitter i.e red and green. All the formula were great, not to thick or thin and applied like a dream.

Eerie Eve – A green glitter/flakie polish that works well on its own. The white, black and green nails all have one coat each and the pointer finger has three thin coats. I love this polish on its own and over green.

Vampire Tears – A red glitter polish with a jelly red base. Again, the white, black and red nails all have one coat of the polish and the pointer has three. I think this polish on its own would be nice for a negative space type mani as it does not go fully opaque. My favourite for this one is over the black or red polish.

Witch Twitch – a browny/orange glitter filled polish. This polish was full opaque in three thin coats. It is perfect for Autumn as well as Halloween. It reminds me of pumpkins and crunchy brown leaves.

Secondly, we have the black polish of the collection. The polish was opaque in three thin coats, the formula was a standard polish formula not to thick or thin and super easy to work with and get right up the cuticles.

Darkest Hour – a black polish with a shimmer running through it. This one was difficult to capture on my camera, but the bottle shot shows the shimmer in the actual bottle.

Finally, we have the thermal polishes. These polishes are jelly polishes so are not super opaque but I love the effect they have, perfect for a jelly nail art sandwich! I applied 4 super thin layers of these polishes so that they were at an opaqueness I was happy with. The formula was slightly thicker then the glitters but I expect that with Jelly formulas, but they were still super easy to work with.

Veiny Eye – a grey/black in its cold state and then transitions to a purple/blue when hot.

Zombie Goo – a grey/black glitter/flakie polish in its cold state and then transitions to a green/yellow when hot.

Witch’s Brew – a purple in its cold state and then transitions to a green/yellow when hot.

The only editing that I do to my photos are rotating/cropping them and adding my watermark. The lighting or colour has not been edited in anyway – I use my phone to talk photos and use a small circle light on a white wall.

Out of the glitter collection my favourite is Eerie Eve and my favourite thermal is either Zombie Goo or Witch’s Brew – I can’t decide :’)

As well as the polishes, Effiena has also created a bath bomb as part of this collection which will only be going on sale in one place (yet to be disclosed, so keep an eye out on her Instagram to find out)

It is a super cute pumpkin full to the brim with bath bomb ‘dust’ and once lowered into the water creates a bright orange foam and changes the water. I actually haven’t tried this out but I have used one of Effiena’s photos to show you. It does smell amazing and I can’t wait to use it! Also, the little pumpkin could be reused a Halloween decoration.


Overall, I think this is a great collection for Halloween, but the colours could also be used for other occasions too. It is a good mixed collection and no two polishes are too alike. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for any nail art created using these polishes.

Thank you all for reading,
Katie, xox.


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