Laguna Moon – Dress to Impress*

Hello everyone,

Today I have a review of Laguna Moon’s Dress to Impress collection, the collection has 6 pink gel polishes. They are all 8ml bottles and a various shades of pink. You can buy these here. (Item Code; B01KJPG4U0). The set costs £9.99 and you can also receive a further 30% using code VIP092803 30% which is valid until 31/10/2018.

Laguna Moon are a brand who don’t just create gel polish they also do different oils and bath bombs. They do have website, but, I suggest if you are buying from the UK to purchase from Amazon as it quicker for delivery, although not all colours are available on Amazon. However from their website they have free international shipping (http://( if you can be patient you will be able to get any colour you want.

All the polishes had great coverage and the max coats needed to make the polish opaque was three thin coats, this is to be expected with lighter colours as they sometimes can be a little bit sheerier then darker ones. The dark shades were fine with two coats, they have a great formula and were super easy to work with. They have a standard size brush.

I love how the polish comes in a little pull out draw/box but the draw must have been put back into the sleeve while the glue was still not fully dry as mine was not easy to pull out and end up ripping some of the box inside (this doesn’t mean that all will do that, but this is the only set that I have had and I have not heard any other complaints out the product).

Also, the collection does not have ‘proper’ names just a letter and numbers, for me this always makes it difficult for me to remember what polish I have used.

See below the swatches of the collection;

CL014 – a bright pink

CL013 – a bright red

CL024 – a pale pink/nude

CL086 – a pale red/pink/coral

CL020 – a light pink

CL090 – a brown/pale nude

Overall, I really enjoyed using these polishes and would definitely recommend them to other gel polish users or someone wanting to get into gels.

Until next time, thank you for reading.
Katie, xox.

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