Makeup Revolution – Reloaded Iconic Fever Review

You are going to be sick of hearing about my trip to Edinburgh! I can promise you this will be the last I mention it – I didn’t buy anything else while I was there.

I am loving Makeup Revolution at the minute, they are such an affordable brand and are great quality. The Superdrug in Edinburgh has instore Makeup Revolution stall thing, so it was huge compared to the little section in my local Superdrug.

I saw this palette and was amazed that it was only £4!!! I knew I had to pick it up, I believe there was 4 different options, colour wise, but this one the colours are just beautiful.



Below are the swatches for each line.

Line 1 – Full row of Matte shades
Line 2 – Mix of Matte and Shimmers
Line 3 – Mix of Matte and Shimmers

My favourite line out of the palette is the Line 3, that matte orange is just amazing and is super pigmented. The bronze shimmer on the end is also a winner.

For £4 this palette is excellent value for money, you get 15 shades which is 26p per shadow!! I think I would use every single colour in this palette they are a great bunch of shades and are perfect for creating a ton of different looks. The paler matte shades are little powdery but the rest are really pigmented and buildable. The shimmers work great on a dry flat brush as well as a wet one, also they apply well with your finger and intense!

Below I have created a simple look using some of the oranges in the palette. I just so happened to be wearing my orange Muscular Dystrophy t-shirt too.




















Here is my full face, I didn’t put that much make up on, in terms on contour and bronzer etc as I was only popping to my mam’s for her birthday.



I wish my eyes were this bright in real life, its a shame they only change in the summer when it’s really bright. In the UK the sun isn’t coming out for a long lomg time!!


I really hope you liked this one, if so make sure you follow my blog so you don’t miss any posts!

Thank you for reading,

Kate, xox.


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