Skin Care Routine

I have never really had a skin care routine before. I always thought it would be too much hassle and wouldn’t really make a difference.

However, as it is a new year and I am sick of my skin being awful and looking like a teenager with a ton of spots I have decided to try a new routine to see if it will make a difference.

At the minute my skin care routine involves washing my face with warm water and using a moisturiser for spot prone skin. I try not to use soap as I have sensitive skin and this usually makes it worse. (I don’t wear make up during the week and have a different step if I do wear it). If I am wearing makeup on a weekend I will use my new favourite face glove cloth ‘thing’ from Makeup Revolution that removes all makeup with just warm water and it actually works – so again no chemicals. I do this every day and I still have spots so I am trying something different to see what I can do.

I watch a ton of YouTubers and recently I have seen a lot of them rave on about Body Shop tea tree oil collection. I was sceptical at first as they were sent the products to review and thought they would be super expensive. I recently went to Edinburgh and thought I would pop into the Body Shop to see what they had, they had a sale so I picked up some products to try them out.

I got all three products for £15.00 they should of been £22.00

You use these products a few times a week, the cleanser can actually be used to remove make up too. I used a few pumps all over my face and neck rubbed it in and used my fibre glove to wipe it off.

Once that step is done, you shake the toner as it has powder in the bottom to mix it all together add some to a cotton pad and swipe all over your face and neck. Once that has soaked in, I left about 5 minutes, I put the lotion on my face with did hydrate my face but also left it matte, which is good because no-one wants to be super shiny.

Below are some photos of me without any makeup on using it once – I plan to use it for a few weeks/maybe a month and I will update with some more pictures once the little test is finished to see if the products actually make any difference.

Fingers crossed that they do!!

As you can see I have spots/blemishes up the side of my face
I mainly have spots/blemishes on the side of my face and my chin/jaw line
As you can see I have spots/blemishes up the side of my face

I also thought I would include this funny photo for a ‘The Body Shop’ competition on their Instagram page to win a load of their skin care products #bouncedbackmonday


Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.

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