Through the Looking Glass – Meebox Review

I have been subscribed to the Meebox emails for a while and there a few emails I have thought, ooh I would love that one but by the time I have ‘um’ed and ‘aw’ed about it they have sold out! So the second I got the email about the Through the Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland) I paid straight away, I really didn’t want to miss it as I absolutely LOVE Alice in Wonderland, the animation and the real life films.

At the minute, I still haven’t done any nail art as I really want to like it and not rush so I am still waiting for a little inspo. But I do however have some swatches of the polishes and I will update this blog once I have created some different looks.

Two of the brands in the box I have never used before so that was nice that I didn’t get polishes that I already own. I have used Sally Hansen before and I didn’t have this shade and you really can’t have to many top coats – so that is a bonus!

The first polish is Sleigh All Day by Sally Hansen. I always love Sally Hansen polishes. The formula great and fully opaque in two coats, I also like the brush – it is a lot wider then most other polish brushes which is why I love it, its fills my nail so just takes one stroke to cover them. Although it looks gold in my photos its got a slightly bronze tinge to it in real life.20171129_200712.jpg

Up next, I have Front Row from iZ Beauty which is a gorgeous deep purple. This is a brand I have never used before, I don’t think I had heard much about them before I got this box. I absolutely love the colour, it is perfect for the Cheshire Cat! I love purple and blues which is why I knew I would love this box, I knew it would definitely have at least one blue in. The brush was a little smaller compare the Sally Hansen one but that didn’t bother me too much, it was a standard size one and wasn’t difficult to work with. It was opaque in three coats and was super shiny.


The final polish is a beautiful shimmery blue colour which is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for Alice. This was my favourite polish out of the three I received. It is from Zoya, which I have heard of but actually never bought because I thought they were an American brand and couldn’t get them in the UK – it turns out you can. I am not a huge fan of the brush, it is just a bit too small and means it takes that little bit longer to paint your full nails.


In this box, I also received a Clear Jelly Stamper in a case, some Alice in Wonderland themed stickers from iZ Beauty and a Alice in Wonderland stamping plate (04) from MoYou London. This is my first box and for the minute my last one and it certainly isn’t because I don’t love this one because I did – my worry is I get a box that I don’t like. You can subscribe for each different box if you fancy the theme but I still worry that even though I like some theme’s I wont like all the box – basically I hate surprises! If you could see what you where getting before hand I would subscribe to a lot more.

I am hoping to feel inspired soon and will be doing a few different designs and uploading them. Keep an eye out for them on my Instagram.

Thank you for reading,
katie, xox.

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