Make Up Revolution – Soph X Palette

Well… seems my first beauty blog post went down so well I have decided to do another one.

This time I will be reviewing the palette Make Up Revolution made in collaboration with sophdoesnails (who now does make up).

I knew I had to have this palette when Soph announced it – She was the first beauty/make up person that I started to watch on YouTube and is totally the reason I am now in love with makeup.


The packaging on this palette is stunning, after watching her announcement video the box that it comes in was also designed by her (the water colour bit) – I am really quite surprised I like it as I actually hate pink but this isn’t too in your face. The case for the pans is a matte pale pink hard plastic and has a huge mirror the full size of the palette which Make Up Revolution are quite good at doing – which is good for doing your makeup on the go.


Something else that really surprises me which Make Up Revolution do most of their palettes is naming the shades – all my other drug store palettes (not that I have a lot) don’t have names so that is quite nice and all the names mean something to Soph.

Line 1
Line 1 (L-R) Penguin,Pancakes, Fairy Lights, Pink Champagne, Iced Coffee, Cuppa Tea
Line 2
Line 2 (L-R) Grow Old, Sparks Fly, Smokey Bronze, Mixed Berries, Tiramisu, Peaches
Line 3
Line 3 (L-R) Cloudberry, Pumpkin, Pine Tree, Petrol, Pug, Danger
Line 4
Line 4 (L-R) Strawberry Sweets, Festive Flame, Copper Coin, Mug Cake, Rosewood, Nightmare

I love the formula of this palette, some of the shimmers were a little difficult to use dry so I used them with a wet finger and they were so much better. There was a little fall out but nothing to bad and it is only a drug store palette, 24 shades for £10 which is a bargain.


My favourite shades are; Copper Coin, Grow Old, Cuppa Tea and Iced Coffee.

I have created a look using this palette – please bear in mind that I only wear makeup on a weekend and I am no professional!!! *Also the lighting in my photo’s is terrible – I have no wonder why :(*


I loved this look and its a shame I only did it to try out the palette and no-one actually saw this in real life.

In case anyone is wondering/cares my lipstick is matte liquid lipstick from Rimmel London in the shade Mocha

Thank you for stopping by!

Katie, xox.

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