Camping Holiday

Hi Everyone!

As some of you may be aware, I have just returned from 6 days of camping at Park Foot in Pooley Bridge.

Pooley Bridge is in the Lake District and it is a beautiful place! If you ever have the chance to go I suggest you do as the surrounding areas are also just as beautiful. We went into Pooley Bridge, Windermere, Keswick and Penrith.

As me and the other half don’t drive we got the train.

When we left our house it was a nice warm sunny day, by the time we got the bus to Newcastle Central Station it was lashing down with rain – it was the worst rain I have seen in a long time. But because it was sunny when I left the house, I had ‘boat’ shoes on, skinny jeans, a white shirt and a small jacket. By the time we got off the bus and made it to the small walk to the station, we were absolutely soaked. (Our McDonald’s, only made it a little bit better).

The train ride from Newcastle to Carlisle was so picturesque, the train rode right along the river and there was so many fields, farms and lovely houses. The dream is to live in a house away from everyone and have a field full of animals. There was a small wait in Carlisle and then we got the train to Penrith, where surprisingly the weather was better.

Kieron, a little bit damp on the train.

The camp site is a stone throws away from Ullswater Lake.

I have so many photos, but don’t want to bombard my post with a ton of the ‘same’ photos of the mountains :’)

On our third day, we decided to buy a map and go for a ‘walk’ up some mountains. We plotted a relatively easy 10 mile all round trip. However, when we got to the top of the mountain we planned to go to we (Kieron) wanted to go further as it didn’t take as long as we thought. This happened a few more times (we walked up and down another 4 mountains) and then we tried to follow a path that was on the map but not really on the mountain so we ended up getting lost. It was a bit scary as we didn’t know what we were going to do, eventually after what seemed like forever (I am sure it was maybe just over an hour) we saw another two walkers who we just followed and hoped they ended up on a path! Luckily they did and we had to make the walk back up and down the mountains to get back to our tent. So our nice 10 mile walk ended up being a lot longer and we were out from 10am until 5pm-ish. It was a super longer day and I was knackered and super sunburnt. But the views were stunning and worth it.

The photo’s below are from when we went to Keswick. The scenery is just stunning and I have decided I need to come and live in the countryside. I love the mountains and walking, the shops etc are all lovely, a lot of them are little independent stores with handmade things and the people working in them are just so friendly.

These photos are of just random photos that I had on my camera. Kieron being a child the second he saw a tire swing :’), also a picture of him being banished from the tent.

The green boat house that I want to buy and convert into a house on slits (in case the lake floods again) and have a side made of glass to look at the views.

The wild rabbit that didn’t move no matter how many people gathered round or made noise, it must have been some tasty grass.

I love the picture of the bee on the flower. It is one of my favourites of the trip.

On our last day, we visited Aira Force. Which is a beautiful waterfall. I actually left my camera so had to use my phone so the photos are not great. I used my wide angle lens for me phone so the photos look a bit distorted. It was a nice little walk around the tree’s to get there and a little bridge so you could go to the top of the waterfall. (the first photo is from the top)

I had an amazing trip and love camping so much but I think next year I will be planning a holiday abroad as we did get rained on a lot! and maybe just do a small camping trip :’)

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.

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