I am a lifeguard… finally

Well… it finally happened!

This is why I haven’t been has active as I would like on Instagram as I have been super busy practicing, attending training and doing assessments.

After taking my assessment THREE times, I finally passed last Wednesday! cue the Baywatch comments… unfortunately, I won’t be looking like the hot women on the left but more the fat guy on the right :’)


I wish when I started my course people hadn’t told me how easy it was because I wasn’t prepared for how hard some of it actually was.

I had to do a week of training and on the last day was my assessment. I am a kinesthetic learner, I like someone to show me how to do it then I copy. So I picked up all the skills fairly quickly. However, the one thing you can not do in a week is learn how to swim (using a proper technique, I am not a great swimmer, don’t get me wrong I can swim but not ‘properly’) and gaining better fitness. I am so unfit it is ridiculous, but because everyone kept telling me it was easy I didn’t even practice my swimming or seeing how long it took me to get from one end of the pool to the other.

So obviously, when I got to my assessment day, I failed on my fitness – I got the worst times I had all week. So I started practicing my swimming once a week with my friend – who just so happens to be a swimming teacher who helped my technique and after a few weeks I was smashing my times and they were well under what the assessment required.

So then came my second assessment and the only thing I had struggled with before was my fitness and I knew I could now do it, I just hoped the nerves didn’t get the best of me. Well… they did. Surprisingly, I passed my fitness test (even though, I almost drowned myself with my torpedo buoy, it got stuck around my neck and foot). I then failed on a spinal board – I had never got this wrong before, but due to the earlier incident of the fitness test it through me and I swapped hands at a time I shouldn’t have – which is an automatic fail!!

So one week later, I retook my test and I passed! I feel so proud of myself and would totally recommend anyone looking to make a bit of extra money to do it!

I now can’t wait for the holidays to start doing some shifts at my school pool, it is a complete change from my office job and should be fun. Plus I get to wear shorts and trainers for my uniform! woohoo.

Thanks for reading,

Katie, xox.

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